Military police will appear in Russia in December

Military police will appear in Russia in December

In December 2012 the Russian Armed Forces will be put into action agencies Military police, said Tuesday the commander of the Russian General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov.

"The formation of the Institute of military officers is going to plan. December 1 this year, the structure of military police begin to work in the army and navy, "- said in Makarov," Interfax ".

He stressed that the central authorities of the military police — General Directorate of the Defense Ministry and the appropriate structures in the vicinity of military and fleets have been made.

"Now comes the formation of structures of military police in the army. They already reassigned military commanders, including members of the military traffic police, garrison commander's office, provide training military police, "- said the head of the General Staff.

Makarov said that the General Directorate of Military police will be subject to exactly the Minister of Defense. "The duties temporarily performed by the departmental head, Lieutenant General Sergei Surovikin. Decisions about its destination yet, "- said the general.

Earlier, a source in law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation said that the number of Military police will be about 20 thousand people. In the main staff Military police planned sformirovyvaetsya of servicemen discharged in the process of reform of the Armed Forces.

As expected, the organs of the military police will have a vertical organizational structure — from a separate part (team) to a neighborhood of the military (Navy).

In modern Russian Army Institute Military police proposed to introduce in 1989. Initially, it was planned to make the experience as a military police unit in 2-military area and in the Northern Fleet.

Return to the idea of the creation of the military police had intended in 2006. But these plans are implemented for various reasons until now were not.

Military militia the currently active in more than 40 armies of the world, including the U.S., Germany, France, England and China. The former Soviet Union Institute Military police exists in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and in the armies of the Baltic states.

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