Military Power of the Russian Federation should be such so as not to have the desire to try it out on the strength of

Russian military power must be such that there was no desire to experience it for strength

March 20, an enlarged meeting of the collegium of the Ministry of Defense, in which took over the role of President Dmitry Medvedev. The newspaper "MIC" acquaints readers with the basic provisions of the performances of the Supreme Commander of the report before the military leaders and the head of Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

By 2020, to re-equip the army
The President urged to prepare for severe refurbish Armed Forces, so after a couple of years, the country was ready to respond to the deployment of the U.S. missile defense system in Europe. "We are not closing the door to dialogue, but we really need to prepare for a change in the situation", — he said.

"It is necessary that in 2017-2018 years, we were fully prepared, could provide an answer within my application in November of last year," — warned the commander in chief.

Medvedev believes that it is necessary to take into account the adjustments that will be "made in the course of the third and fourth phases of so-called adaptive approach for the development of European missile defense." "All the appropriate guidance to the Government and the Ministry of Defence have been given," — he said.

"Although the negotiations lasted, but must be prepared to quite severe for the re-equipment of the Armed Forces that we would be in a form and submit its own response to the initiative of the European missile defense," — said Medvedev.

The President claimed to accelerate the conclusion of agreements on the state defense order, and guilty of violating the lure liable or dismiss: "At the conclusion of contracts is going campaign, it needs to be accelerated. Those who are not aware of how to contract, with at least some part — and the Ministry of Defense, and vendors need to lure liable or dismiss. " "You can not replicate the situation with the state defense order, which was formed in 2011", — the head of the country's allocated.

Dmitry Medvedev put the puzzle — the end of the present decade, it is actually re-equip the army. "By 2015, the fraction of new weapons to the Age to 30 percent by 2020 — up to 70-100 percent," — said Medvedev, adding that for this purpose stands out more than 23 trillion rubles. He urged to pay special attention to the implementation of State programs from weapons.

"It is also necessary to finish the creation of the modern management system of the Armed Forces, the first in the brigade and the tactical level, it should be combined into a single information space based on modern information and communication technologies", — said the commander in chief.

Another important task Medvedev said improving military education. He assured that "the further development of the following presidential cadet school." The President recalled that this year these schools should be opened in Tyumen and Krasnodar, and then — in Tomsk, Moscow, Vladivostok and St. Petersburg.

The president also called for "improve the system of military planning and the overall legislative framework in the field of defense." "Add configuration to the laws on defense, martial law, a number of others, in order to concentrate resources allocated to defense, and simultaneous optimization" — said Medvedev.

To finance the National Defence until 2020, said the Supreme Commander, will be sent to relevant media: "Up until 2020, not less than 2.8 per cent of GDP."

Russian military power must be such that there was no desire to experience it for strength

As the head of the country singled out, "the safety of our people, our country, our allies need guaranteed protection." "Our military strength, the ability to respond quickly to danger must be such, that no one else in the world do not have the desire to test their strength," — said the commander in chief.

President is satisfied by the transformations in the near future of the Armed Forces. According to him, now they meet current threats and able to respond to potential threats to our the address. Medvedev stressed that the reform of the Armed Forces actually completed.

"Most of the parts are ready to perform combat tasks in the shortest possible time, optimized cross-species composition of troops, and thanks to the modern structure of the county has increased the effectiveness of the planning and management of their actions," — said the commander in chief. He also noted that the stronger 'strategic nuclear forces, created a unified system of air and space defense troops that connected, missile defense systems, missile warning and space control gallakticheskogo. "

The President stressed that in 2008-2011 the troops "were delivered to more modern standards of military equipment, their share rose from 5 percent to 16 percent." The President also praised the military for being three times increased the intensity of combat training. Medvedev said that he personally visited the chief scientist, then concluded: "The personnel of the Armed Forces and the management really showed the ability to solve tactical and strategic objectives."

"Overall, as a result of the reforms we have the new Armed Forces. Where they basically meet current threats and able to respond to potential threats to us, "- said the Supreme Commander. With all this, he warned that "the character of the configuration of the geopolitical situation forces us to look at providing zanogo state and military security of the Russian Federation, the balance of the values of inter-state relations and international military cooperation."

Check the results of the reform
According to Anatoly Serdyukov, in the last decade, the range of threats to the military security of the Russian Federation has expanded. "There are new centers of power who claim to regional leadership, and power of the military-political tensions in Russia", — stated the Minister of Defence.

"It is not easy situation with regard to U.S. plans for missile defense and NATO," — said Serdyukov. "Defense Ministry launched a military-technical measures approved by the President of the Russian Federation", — he said.

"Moreover, we are ready to continue the dialogue. To further explain our position, 3-4 May in Moscow want to hold an international conference on missile defense, "- said the Minister.

"These criteria Armed Forces must be prepared to ensure the military security of Russian Federation under the most unfavorable for the development of the situation in our country," — identified Serdyukov. He noted that the tensions identified the short time in which our home was required to carry out a military reform. In the middle of the main characteristics of the reforms he called out to the number of troops one million people, providing the criteria for high-quality combat training, the implementation of social guarantees for servicemen.

"At the base of the formation of a new species
of the Armed Forces put the case for a radical change in military man — he saw the head of the Ministry of Defense. — To solve the puzzles military service should be a prestigious and pretty. Because the main efforts have been focused on solving the most complex social problems — providing officers worthy Monetary content and housing. "

Anatoly Serdyukov said the Defense Ministry in December 2012, the President will present the plan for approval by the defense Russian Federation for the period up to 2016. In the middle of other areas of the military establishment in 2012, the Minister referred to the September strategic exercises "Caucasus-2012" and the refinement of implementation issues of long-range precision weapons, the end of the formation of the 130th Motorized Rifle Brigade, the 346th Separate Brigade and the 25th regiment of the individual Special purpose.

In addition, all training will be reorganized the military units in the inter-specific training centers in each military environment, created on the base of Air Force test site in the Astrakhan region Ashuluk interspecific ground troop training, completed the upgrade command Fri Troops aerospace defense and setting it on alert in a single system of protection against air and space attack, ensured the implementation of measures to counter U.S. missile defense and NATO.

"The results of the military reform, we check in the activities of the Armed Forces — said Serdyukov. — Their intensity for three years actually increased threefold. Previously, the emphasis was on hold command and staff training on the cards. Now we train troops in the process of strategic, operational and tactical exercises. In the period from 2009 to 2011 held a series of military exercises with all the surroundings. Each of them contributed to the development of new approaches to the use of troops in all strategic directions. "

"The circle of joint exercises with the countries of the CIS and other foreign countries: Mongolia, China and India — continued minister. — In the Air Force at the average characteristics of a touch in the period of 3 years, growing by 10 percent a year. In 2011, the first non-stop flight carried a pair of strategic bombers with 3 refueling in the air a total duration of more than 42 hours. "

What has been done

"Army brigade with the transition to a small-sized steel base and mobile — reminded the minister. — Deployed 85 combined arms and special teams. "

"To increase mobility and firepower capabilities of the military districts made eight bases and military aviation, — he said. — In the forthcoming upon receipt of the latest technology such air base will be formed in each army, only 14 of them will be. "

"From December 1, 2011 in the Armed Forces of the Army made of aerospace defense (VVKO). Built up of the system of missile warning. In the combat strength of the radar VVKO introduced the highest operational readiness (modular) in the village of Lekhtusi (Leningrad region) — Serdyukov said. — In the pilot alert put such stations in Armavir and Kaliningrad. Started testing the latest radar in Irkutsk. "

"In 2011, together with the Russian Space Agency launched a full group gallakticheskoy navigation system GLONASS," — said the head of the Ministry of Defense.

"Naval Fleet returned his constant presence on the basis of principle in the operative parts of the oceans — the minister said. — In the area of Murmansk Oblast, Kamchatka and Primorye territories formed a single all-encompassing system of basing submarines "Northwind" and "Ash", surface ships classes "Corvette" and "frigate". The grouping of these ships and boats will be hammering the core of the Navy. "

"The contract and the construction of 2-landing helicopter dock ships of the" Mistral — reminded Serdyukov. — In the terrestrial component (SRF) completed 10 regiments to re-missile systems strategic focus, "Topol-M" and "Yars". Shred modern missile systems in land-based strategic nuclear forces has increased from 13 to 25 percent. "

"Strategic nuclear forces as before remain a reliable guarantor of deterrence anger — highlighted the minister. — Keep their desired number of members and the three-component structure. "

"To increase the mobility of troops is growing group of military transport aircraft, parts re-launched anti-aircraft missile troops systems S-400. Now put on combat duty three-shelf ", — he said.

Talking about the changes in recent years in the Air Force, Serdyukov drew attention to the fact that in this kind of Armed Forces formed seven large air bases with modern infrastructure. "Modernized basic aerodoromy. For the first time in 20 years, renovated 28 airports. They are able to accept all types of aircraft, — said the manager MO. — This year's activity is planned for 12 airports. Equipped with the latest technology for more than 30 squadrons of aircraft, including the Su-34, Su-35s and Mi-28N, Ka-52 and Ka-226. "

"Completes the creation of a promising aviation complex tactical aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles in Russia. In the army enters a new air defense missile-gun system "Armour-S" — said Serdyukov.

"In the aviation component (strategic nuclear forces) one hundred percent maintained park strategic bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95MS, work began on the upgrade them, — said the minister. — Accepted into service brand new air-launched cruise missile long range. It is possible to increase the combat potential of the group. "

"Having successfully conducted flight tests of the municipal complex missile" Bulava ". The expected term for taking it on board — October 2012 ", — he said. "Launched on and pass the municipal tests two nuclear-powered submarine of the" Northwind "-" Yuri Dolgoruky "and" Alexander Nevsky "- the minister added.

International cooperation

"Russian Federation has increased the intensity of contacts with NATO, — stated the head of the Ministry of Defense. — At the current year scheduled more than 100 joint activities of different levels. "

"One of the fundamental qualities of the Ministry of Defense is the international military cooperation, — allocated Serdyukov. — Lasts formation of a strong legal framework for the stay of Russian military bases abroad. Be harsh work to determine the order of substitution of weapons and military equipment the Black Sea Fleet, established functioning of Russian military bases in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. "

"Developing international cooperation at sea, in 2012, planning to take part in international exercises 15 — said the minister. — The most important of them — the Russian-Chinese yellowish sea, counterterrorism FRUKUS in the Baltic Sea and the teachings of the Asia-Pacific region "Rimpak" in the Hawaiian Islands. "

"To ensure the continued presence of naval ships in the Indian Ocean in order to address the problems of piracy, — said Serdyukov. — Since 2008, made 13 trips to the Gulf of Aden, prevented 10 attempts to capture merchant ships detained seven pirate ships. "

"From 2008 to 2011 a group of Navy aircraft-carrying ship twice solved the puzzles in the Mediterranean Sea — recalled the head of the military. — Take two mezhflotskih transition to the Pacific Fleet. One — under the ice of the Arctic Ocean — completed strategic submarine "Ryazan", the second — missile cruiser "Peter the Great" and "Moscow". "Made a campaign group of warships of the Northern Fleet across the Atlantic and Indian oceans, the duration of which accounted for more than half a year — he continued. — Conducted 18 military campaigns nuclear submarines and naval forces march 154 general
purpose. They assumed the role of more than 200 ships. Ships and vessels participated in 36 international exercises and operations. Made 238 visits and port calls of foreign countries. "

It is also very fundamentally

The minister said that in the last couple of years has decreased crime in the Armed Forces. This has been achieved thanks to the measures taken by the humanization of military service.

"As a result of the work done in 2011 compared with 2007, the number of crimes decreased by 39 percent, and accidents — 17 percent, including the evasion of military service — 80 percent of atrocities against civilian persons — by 57 percent, death of personnel — 31 percentage, corruption offenses — almost 23 per cent, "- said Serdyukov.

"At nine percent managed to reduce the level of crime caused by hazing military — he said. — Taking into account the increase in the number of recruits over the past two years, more than half, regard this as a definite success. Such a trend has developed for the first time in years. "

"We expect that to a large extent will help to make a better state of military discipline, the creation of military police — said the minister. — At the current time, its structure is formed, as is the selection of personnel. "

Defense Ministry will spend 27.3 billion rubles for the disposal of obsolete missiles and ammunition, said Anatoly Serdyukov. "As a result of these calculations needs of the Armed Forces in a new form defined in 2.5 million tons of ammunition, — he said. — We have a well above their 9.5 million tons. "

Defense Minister saw that "the true time disposed of 2794 tons of missiles and ammunition."

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