Military reform will end in 2020

Military reform to be completed by 2020Anatoly Serdyukov told exactly when the Defense Ministry plans to complete the military reform. The minister also promised that term compulsory military service will not increase.

According to the head of department, all the transformations in the army will be completed by 2020. Formerly called the other times — in 2016 or even 2012 year. As explained to Serdyukov, in fact army reform takes place in three steps, and is still far from over.

First step — this organizational arrangements and staff reductions. "We actually have already completed them. We went out on the strength of one million, 150 thousand of them — it will be the officers of the order of 100-120 thousand — it will be a non-commissioned Professor, and others will be fighters — conscripts" — quoted by RIA Minister " Announcements ".

Note that the initial plan of conscripts quite willing to change contractors by 2010. Yet, equally and without much noise Defense hush up the idea, and later the Chief of Staff, Army General Nikolai Makarov admitted that from the full transition to the agreement had to abandon due to financial shortcomings.

The reform term military service was reduced from the usual 2-year and 1-year. Now Anatoly Serdyukov assured that about any increase in his speech and can not be, despite various rumors about this.

In the second step will be addressed social issues — the increase in wages to officers and NCO corps, the decision prepyadstviya with apartments and so on. It was only on the 3rd, terminating step of reform, the army will be equipped with the most modern weapons. Recall, according to President Medvedev, currently at 85% of the troops are equipped morally and physically obsolete equipment.

"Armament — it is a long process. We broke it into two parts. By 2015, the year — this is the first step, and 2020-First — this will be the second. Must enter the data — in 2015, the modern technology in the army should be more than 30% and 2020-th year — about 70%, "- explained to Serdyukov.

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