Military school in Novosibirsk renewed set of cadets

Military school in Novosibirsk renewed set of cadetsNovosibirsk Higher Command School (VVKU) resumed set students after a 3-year hiatus, told RIA Announcements on Friday, the Central Military neighborhood.

Set cadets of the military academy was suspended in 2009 due to the reform of the armed forces and the reduction of the primary officer positions (first officer's position) in parts, which are prepared by the students.

"The last three years, Novosibirsk VVKU not gaining the benefit of students of the Ministry of Defense, is now set renewed. This year it was carried out in two specialties: military intelligence and special reconnaissance," — said the official.

According to him, this year the school accepted about 100 students. Meanwhile, before the reform of the army school once a year viewed the more than 400 students.
The representative of the CVO said that in the process of reform in parts of officer positions have been cut because of that "there was an overabundance of 'young lieutenants who graduated from military universities. At the moment, experts at predicting impending need a lieutenant — college graduates, in this regard, Novosibirsk VVKU made set students who are to a five-year training.

At one place in the School of claim 15. On Saturday in the first-year college students perceive the oath.

The representative of the CVO said that the students will learn from the newest program that includes more practical training on military subjects. Also in preparation will be used more new computer technology. For the first time in training cadets included mountain training.

Novosibirsk VVKU this year marked the 45th anniversary. During this time, it has produced more than 17.5 thousand officers, 25 of them were awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Union and Russia.

School was founded June 1, 1967, as the highest military and political Arms School (NVVPOU) training officers political workers of the company level. Since 1992, NVVPOU redesigned in Higher Military Command School (Nwoko). He was met with tasks for the preparation of the platoon commanders motorized troops and military intelligence.

In 1994, the school was transferred to special reconnaissance battalion of the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School, and then began to prepare officers for special intelligence units. In 1998, the school was renamed in Novosibirsk military Institute (NVI). In 2004, the NVI was renamed Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School.

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