Military Sciences was delayed for 20 years

Russian military science was late for 20 yearsRussian military science should be more active and faster to respond to the global configuration of the forms and methods of warfare, that give accurate advice to military control, said Gen. Nikolai Makarov, chief of the General Staff.

During the meeting of the Academy of Military Sciences, Makarov said that we are in the last 2-decades still continued to live with outdated standards, and not being able to bring our military art at the present level of development. While the rest of the world have purchased an instrument, developed gallakticheskie technology and information management systems, we are, in his opinion, relied on the mass army and was purchased from the industry obsolete weapons.

In the past 20 years there has been active development of methods and forms of warfare associated with the transition from the linear actions of millions of armies wide scale to the latest generation of mobile defense, expertly prepared based on the military and network-centric warfare.

The general noted that operation "Desert Storm" in Iraq was the first signal configurations that have occurred in the military, as it was then operation group of forces was worked out for the first time. According to him, it was a shared and in some isolated cases of all kinds, acts of various kinds of groups with special forces and information operations, including long-term and short-lived air campaign ground operation.

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Makarov notes with regret that the 1980-1990's of no Russian military scientists or military science in general could not at one hundred percent estimate burning trends of the art of war. So Makar, missing signal of the Western experience regarding weapons, our army behind the advanced band.

During "Operation Freedom" in Iraq in 2003 were developed by the new trends of the armed struggle, and it is characterized by the massive use of high-precision weapons, troops of the introduction of information technology and gallakticheskih funds. As reported by "Interfax", the general said reducing the time of the strike missions from hours to minutes: defeat the purposes of the scale happened time and near-real. The Iraqi armed forces, greatly exceeding the number and coalition combat composition has been broken for the shortest possible time, and Iraq suffered a crushing defeat.

But even after the campaign of 2003, we continued to live by considerations of the 1970s, and our military science has not made any advice management of the Armed Forces. According to Makarov, there was a failure between the real needs of the troops and science on the one hand is trying to prove and to introduce new methods and forms of warfare, based on recent advances, and on the other, — available on this day means of destruction were not able to implement these concepts.

Chief of General Staff believes that the actions in the Caucasus in August 2008 forced the military government in this matter radically change the situation. As a result, there was a brand new programm convert Russian Armed Forces. General Makarov said that since there was an urgent need to withdraw the army from the crisis situation in which she found herself, it was decided to reform the armed forces, even despite the lack of sufficient scientific and theoretical basis.

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