Military Themis (personal case)

They appointed me as a investigator. Well, the work routine — who faced knows. That hassle is refracted, then exercises injury. Nothing exciting, well, life takes away from time — and then, to the prosecutor's office dangle. Later still "hung" the prosecutor's warning "issue".

Once confronted with the "self." It turned out his son "sick" Airborne. Asked at present "stabilization" of the D-6 if you can. Commander wisely decided — with friends prokuroskimi need! and issued a "stabilku." Moreover, some kind of a rare — blue and white, in my opinion. I do not know son, but prosecutor was ecstatic!)

"Friendship" is adjusted. Yet it turned out that prosecutors do not have enough translators to work with the Germans — all sorts of complaints, applications, interviews, etc. And I just translator (How many, but not including vvuzov and special courses "In-Yaz" 6 more years of life in the GDR), and commander do not mind if I several times a week will work for them. In short, the prosecutor I was very pleased and delighted in every way)

What am I doing. The service lasted, I was commander of the amphibious assault squad with all the consequences, so to speak. My air assault consisted of 3 razved.shturmovyh groups (Wusu — Exploration Airborne))). Hence — the specificity of training. And somehow we had TSU together with our spets.razvedkoy. In the end — gutted outfits in one internal service / h p / p All anything, even a "captive" of senior officers (caught under the arm) would be forgiven, but had to take the gun with him — so that later on in the back did not shoot (the experience has been.) And this is a crime. "Business" in the prosecutor's office.

Invites me to the prosecutor. Says — there similar to your work, judging by the form — what a construction battalion. But I do not believe that the best company in the army is capable of. In short, spend a preliminary inquiry.

I returned to the PDP in the light of panic. Reported communicated. The commander recalled the way that we are friends with the prosecution, otherwise I would not charge. It is clear that the gun tossed back, monitored the "welcome". The article "Stealing guns" disappeared. The next day I came back (from prosecution) to make sure that the instrument in place. It remains to write a refusal to initiate the lack of action. The commander of the I / h n / n, and the prosecutor did not mind)

Later, together with the guys from spetsrazvedki we spent a lot of fun "classes." Where a criminal, but we got more experience and in sight prosecutors did not get)))

Later there was a case when, during one of the exercises of staff translators considerably drunk and started shooting at random from the PM. Got into a fighter — a man walking with bowler water, nobody touched. Shot in the shoulder. Specifically, in the sweater in the upper arm. Broke his jersey, rolled down the sleeve down and fell into his palm. Ugolovka, Kick! Really, the case was brought. In fact, that's right. But — the fighter does not really hurt, but translator "His" and so received. I had to order the examination of the bullet from the PM at 3 300 m ricochets not proparhaet (but then flew!))). The case was closed. Translator later brought brandy and claimed, so I drank it himself, because it is a measure of his personal gratitude to me, Kick!)))

But the most exciting event was the latest. Tank gunner shot BMP political officer with the regiment, in my opinion, but I do not remember probably. Ie, BMP before firing jumped in front of a tank. The one shot. The crew and landing BMP — corpses. All the bodies — at gunner. Among them — the political officer.

Paper came from the regiment — a sin. While commanding a / h was investigating body. The prosecutor has to do something. This "friendly" prosecutor invites me. You tanker Education, says you're not interested, just tell outlook tank school graduate (I wrote from harm))).

I remember that the mismatch band aiming the barrel at a distance of 1000m. there is certain number of meters. That is, operator under certain conditions could not build this BMP. Attorney jumped at the idea. Ultimately guilty zampolit made and not the operator. Even though it was a pity the dead, and with his head in the army to be friends. Gunner acquitted.

Prosecutor's office we have "lived" together with the commandant. From time to time, had to help transfer. How to refuse? While prosecutor's office cause stir, commandant can organize the "expulsion" in 24 hours!))) Joke. But somehow NIGHT MODE called specifically to HQ — all our power, they were specifically. Come.

Our Russian fighter (or drunk, or went to the roof) escaped from the parts to the Germans got into the house, killed the owner and locked himself in the basement.

Here the representatives of the town and the police. I ask — what's the problem? Do you have spices, let take!. Uh, no, they say the Germans, we have specials, but in Russian we do not shoot. This fighter — your hitch, and you decide!

After a long debate, decided that you want me to call the same))) But came another unit. Poisoned eccentric ordinary HN and quietly taken away. The Germans were taken aback prepyadstviya simple solutions. And with our poverty — brilliant! Not because the Alpha and grayish workers, Pahari from the machine)

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