Miracles: Crosses of light

Before 1988 They have not been heard. Today they shine to people on all continents: crosses of light suddenly appeared in the window. Even science became interested in this phenomenon. In a small church in Knoxville, Tennessee, they were height of 10-12 meters. A week before the first light of the cross, Benjamin Creme announced that Maitreya is going to surprise the world with a very unusual light phenomenon.

1. The first cross of light

The first cross of light appeared in the 1988 Newspaper "Pasadena Star News"Dated May 27, 1988 reports:" Last Sunday, local residents reported the cross shone in the window bathroom, one of the apartments in the city El Monte. Witness Mona La Vina claimed she saw: "Cross light gold color, very beautiful." Margaret Romero, the owner of the house, replaced the glass, but the cross is shining again in the same place. In a few days, another 12 crosses of light appeared in the Los Angeles area.

2. White and golden light

Two years later, white and gold crosses of light, more than a meter high, suddenly appeared in the window 61-year-old plumber who lives in a suburb of New Orleans.

3. This is not a magician's trick

In 1991, the crosses of light reached the Philippines. Reporter "Newsday Philippines"Learned glass window with a cross of light. The newspaper's editor, Julian V. Cruz, said: "It was in the afternoon. Considering included fluorescent lamps and sunlight that fell through two windows, this could be a trick magician. Piece of glass was set in a wooden frame, like a picture. He looked as an ordinary piece of frosted glass, almost opaque, through which I could see nothing. sent on glass lamp and turned it on. shone on the glass equilateral cross, it seemed, with brilliant tints glowing aura. Someone put another spotlight included next to the first and then there were two crosses of light. floodlights turned off. Crosses disappeared. Spotlights included, crosses reappeared. Indoors edition, where usually Gulden voice was silent. phenomenon inspired awe, or at least a keen curiosity.

4. Palm

On Easter Sunday 1991 the Filipino piece of glass with a cross of light was photographed. When shown negative, then saw the image on the glass palm.

5. "I have started a new life"

Video producer Francis Robinson made a documentary about this phenomenon. Her conclusion: "Most people we have interviewed, very religious, and very poor. Typical was the family of Mary Magdalene and Paolo Roberto, who have five children and a tiny house with two rooms. Now in their small house are regular prayer meetings on which believers pray that Christ appeared to him. Visitors say they feel in this room a strong grace. "

Laura, a teenager who tried to commit suicide because of severe family problems, came to look at the cross of light in the house of Roberto. "I felt like a new man," — she said later — "I have started a new life. I changed … I used were all disgusted … And now I want to help everyone. I believe in myself, I now have hope."

6. Just three

Just three of the cross appeared in the bathroom Alexandrina Carmon in Montecito Heights, California. Alexandrina also reported that sometimes sees Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

7. Shining view

In the house of Leo and Loretta Alfonso in Violet,
Louisiana, appeared radiant panorama of crosses, complex, measuring about 30 cm, with tapered sides and clearly stands out in the distance. Three of them were shining white light and one gold. Some witnesses saw the red cross, swim behind the others.

8. New Zealand

As a result of attending Benjamin Creme of Auckland, New Zealand, in February 1994, crosses of light appeared in the three windows of the house where guests Benjamin Creme.

9. "The Sign of the Second Coming"

"Hundreds of people visited the house and Inness Karslosa Alvarez, in Bakersfield, California, as the couple discovered a large cross of light in the bathroom of his March 7, "- the newspaper"Bakersfield Californian"In 1996," Many people think that God is trying to tell us that, came the last days "- said Ms. Alvarez. The article says that the local priest said to the couple:" This cross — a sign of the Second Coming " .

10. 12 meters

"I can not help myself, I have goose bumps running around these days. Baptist Church in the windows 'Copper Ridge"Really lit crosses.'s A fact. It does not matter whether you believe in it or not …" — Bob wrote Orley, columnist "The Greenville Sun"Tennessee, article, report huge cross of light that appeared in the windows of the church of St. Joe Bullard, in Knoxville, Tennessee.

It all started one evening in early November, 1995, when the Reverend Joe and his wife Mildred noticed glowing white light that seemed to surround the entire building of the church. Two days later, Joe Bullard addressed his flock. During his speech a bright white light shone from the church. On subsequent examination revealed that the light took the form of a huge cross. Bullard reaction was the same as that of the thousands of people who came later: "It can not be!"

Crosses of light, up to 14 meters, shone in all the windows of the church. Children and adults were filled with joy at the phenomena experienced in this place.

A lot of people said the Rev. Bullard, that they are healed emotionally, spiritually, and sometimes physically, when they saw the crosses of light. In October 1996, Joan Anderson said with the utmost delight in the interview "Kokomo Perspective"That she had an inoperable brain tumor, she went to Knoxville almost by accident, not knowing anything about a cure, but the next day after a visit to the crosses of light, it was a headache, and the doctor found that the brain tumor was gone.

Note: Currently, the church has changed its name and the priest. Unfortunately, now crosses of light have become inaccessible to the public.

11. Slovenia

In the summer of 1996, seven crosses of light appeared in Slovenia, in four cities: Novo Mesto, Koper, Ljubljana, Lenart.

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