Mobile phones cause mass insanity



Checking one person SMS messages or e-mail via mobile phone causes a chain reaction — much like yawning.

Researchers from the University of Michigan for a few months watching the students in a cafe on campus and noted the frequency with which they use their mobile phones.

They found that those students who have spent at the tables for about 20 minutes, about a quarter of the time paid cell. If one of the neighbors took out the cell, the other spontaneously picked up the gesture — and the use of telephones has increased to 40% of the time in a cafe.
The reasons for this behavior is quite simple: when a neighbor checks the mail, the rest feel excluded from the circle of friends — and they immediately have a desire to "join" back using the same mobile.
As the researchers report in the Human Ethology Bulletin, their observations apply only to young people, and may be irrelevant in the case of people who are not accustomed to the constant use of cell phones — for example, it refers to the older generation.

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