Moeraki boulders came to us from another planet?

May 30, 2012 8:23

This amazing natural phenomenon is observed in various parts of the Earth. But to explain the cause really no one can.

This is the so-called Moeraki boulders, also known as the "watermelon Elijah." Someone takes them for dinosaur eggs, some — for the fruit of ancient marine plants, and some even suggest the possibility that this — the remains of a UFO.

The phenomenon is really strange. Imagine a near-perfect form of stone or iron ball with a diameter of ten centimeters to three meters.

If you happen to meet someone is "egg" split, then he will find inside the cavity with crystalline formations on the inner surface.

The most famous collection of these eggs is located in a fishing village in New Zealand. The balls are right on the beach. And all the stones have different structures — some of them perfectly smooth, while others — like a turtle shell, rough. Some — split into parts, or with huge cracks.

But in order to admire the "watermelon Elijah" does not have to go to New Zealand. They are found in China, in Israel. The same round stones is in Costa Rica, where they are called "balls of the gods". These stones are considered to be man-made, they are called the "eighth wonder of the world" and that they are protected by the state.

The biggest "balls of the gods" Costa Rica reach three meters in diameter and weigh about 16 tons. A very small — no more children's ball are only ten centimeters in diameter. The balls are placed singly and in groups of three to fifty pieces, sometimes forming geometrical figures.

Moeraki Boulders

Have similar education in Russia (although Russia's "egg" man-made does not count). For example, the mysterious stone balls have been found in the village Boguchanka in the north of the Irkutsk region. Local people believe that it is a UFO, for the reason that the balls look as if they are made of metal.

Moeraki Boulders

Where did this "wonder of the world"? The assumption that the stone balls — dinosaur eggs, scientists reject outright on the grounds that even the largest dinosaurs could not have been such huge calves. The birth of some of the stone balls due to the influence of glaciers.

But as for "iron UFO" and hollow inside boulders, the official science felt that this geological formation, and even gave him a name — zheodan — closed cavity in any sedimentary or volcanic rocks. But all this is just speculation. The age of most of these structures is estimated to researchers, at least 60 million years. On materials

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