Money from the EEC: fast, but with conditions

Belarus in early June may receive the first tranche from EurAsEC anti-crisis fund of $ 800 million, said Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, Russia at a meeting of the Russian government. And just this year Belarus will receive from the fund $ 1,240 billion

According to Kudrin, the decision to grant a loan of $ 3 billion over three years will be accepted June 4 at the meeting of finance ministers in Kiev.

Kudrin also said that the total assets of privatization in Belarus should reach $ 7.5 billion

"There will be a program of privatization, which will increase the share of the private sector in the economy of Belarus. Previously we have agreed that the amount of privatization will be at least $ 2.5 billion annually. That is totally a result, the $ 7.5 billion privatization of assets must represented by "- said the Russian Deputy Prime Minister.

In his list of assets to be privatized over the next two years, will finally be drawn up within three days, reports "Interfax".

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