More than 100 wildfires burning in Russia, the Emergencies Ministry is monitoring the situation

Today in Russia there are 102 wildfires, emergency assessment of the situation as complicated, but keep it under control, said Deputy Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov.

"Overall, the situation in the country is stable, there are 102 wildfires, the most difficult situation in Buryatia and Transbaikalia — are 59 fires, including 7 large" — Tufts said Thursday at a meeting of the government.

He said that in order to stabilize the gain was made grouping MOE.

According to Deputy Minister of European Transbaikalia were further transferred 200 firemen paratroopers, was also enhanced aviation group.

"The situation is difficult, stressful, today there was a very serious fire and near the village of Vasilievsky farm, unfortunately, has suffered seven houses, but thanks to the timely measures 110 people resettled, affected four people," — said Tufts.

According to him, all of the major events planned for fire-fighting, and Friday begins the "combined effect of these points, including the use of air assets."

Tufts noted that despite the complexity of the situation, emergency keeps it under control, and more help is needed.

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