Mutual aid is the base for the consolidation of society

Mutual aid is the base for the consolidation of society

Modern Our homeland is going through difficult times. Of course, the action unfolding right now, are a prelude to any newcomer spectacle, which plans to play for their own people ruling elite of. In this article, I will not be considered likely candidates newest Putin Russia. I can only say that absolutely does not matter whether he or the continuation of an old order will be innovations that are significantly different from their own mode of previous versions because the generic features, its inherent features remain the same. Against the background of reduction of public policy, we are witnessing how old cohort apparatus serving among politicians uniformly replaced by their more youthful counterparts. It should be particularly emphasized that the various "pulled hard Merrie Men" can only claim to be the "changers", but not on the role of some of liberators, revolutionaries, etc., in the sense in which they wish to build part of a society that has adopted the role of in opposition rallies under the slogan "For the conscientious choices" and so on.

A similar situation will inevitably lead to a decline in civilian wave of protest, her return to the reservation web site that will evenly all the Russians to the same apathy with which it all began. On the other hand, is more of course, and that Russian society is not very long since beheld so massive opposition demonstrations. Apart from all the disadvantages, both in the organization and to put forward slogans, and more important to note the principal plus for modern Russia. 10's of thousands of people took to the center of the capital and several other cities, so that, at a minimum, identify the outlook on the country's top officials and the political system that has developed in our country.

Level, it is necessary to recognize the fact that the opposition political organizations were not prepared for such a spike in civilian activity. It's safe to say that the increase in the number of opposition organizations is only temporary and in the coming few months, or a maximum of a year and a half, their numbers will return to the level of the first half of 2011. The prerequisite for this are missing political program that the lack of a clear and precise understanding what is happening in RF events, the absence of the brightest political leaders who have earned their popularity and recognition is not due to the "promotion" of the media, and their actions, decisions, and so on.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of left-wing organizations are in a kind of euphoria from the growth of protest activity, in my opinion, the same increase in their undoing, because the general public will see the real state of the opposition camp and did not wish to have anything to do with it. As has been said, in the end society will come back to that apathy with which it all began, and which did not bring any decisive victory, or at least some valuable gains.

But to blame for the defeat of the opposition protesters alone is also not quite true. If we look at most of the left-wing organizations, we find that the vast majority of their activists are already far in 60 years. This situation is not the case and as a result not only of passivity or errors themselves of opposition political leaders. The ruling elite RF Year after year, awesome cleans the political field from at least some competition, with all this, the process is not only in the direct oppression of the opposition (in fact, it is the latter, forced option), and a competent reformatting society by manipulating the public consciousness. Cut off from the non-parliamentary opposition society was alone with their rulers, who provided them with such educational programs from such and such a work culture that many citizens have been deprived not only of freedom outside, and the inside.

In practice, this resulted in a significant age-related imbalance inside organizations which interfere with the present and the timely exchange of experiences between the generations. In most cases, you can meet the following picture: the activists or have very old for a strong opposition activities, or very young. Specifically, this implies an imbalance if not most of the problems of the opposition, at least half of them. Now we have introduced a rare chance to resolve the situation.

In my opinion, worthless and stupid to call people in the organization of the left-wing. Worthless, because it is almost always call almost nowhere, because the organization is only on paper. Stupid, because by joining the organization, the activists will be expected what-what activities, and engage in something nothing. The general belief now is not truly meaningful leftist organizations that have fought for power in RF. All those who are trying to qualify for this status, are in reality, or sectarian, or groups of "re-enactors" from the category tolkiyenistov and other.

But the growth of civilian oversight activity is unpardonable mistake and these criteria need to take drastic actions, in order to left over in Russia was not entirely discredited. In this regard, we have to answer a few questions.
In 1-x, why people connect voedinyzhdy? Naturally, in the context of a political organization, a first-class voedinyzhdy they join in the struggle for power. The power is the ultimate Fri travel, but, despite the fact that "the question of power" reddish thread that runs through all things, inside a political organization, and in its external relations, in the everyday life of people to unite driven mutual, common interests, which are not limited Only one authority, and so on.

In the 2-way people can help each other? Based on the fact that the level of corruption we are at the level of the poorest African countries, due in Russia decide if not all, almost everything. The wider circle of friendship, the more links, which ultimately leads people to facilitate the search for one's place and role in life. You can resent the long-crime, poverty, corruption and injustice in modern total of, and can be adapted to existing conditions and to continue the struggle, relying solely on themselves and their friends.

B-3, what does all this have to do with strengthening the role of the left currents in Russia? The left has always stood for liberty, equality and fraternity, the good rassredotachivanie benefits and further down the list. Now if the left can not fight for power, if in the middle of no favorites, nor worthy programs, they should go to the people, that instill in people the belief that all is not lost and all hope for the people RF. Bringing people together not on a national basis, and on the basis of need, are doomed to be left.

You also need to give some kind of organization was left adrift, so it is not broke and he was not confusing, has lost none of its own vector of development, but instead received a harmony, understanding and, ultimately, to a certain extent it was immune from seizure of control of this aggressive initiative left to her own . This can be achieved as a result of the introduction of marking certain characters, such as, for example, a certain mobile phone call, the element in clothes, and other welcome. In addition, of course, it will be necessary to carry out any duties, to explore together, share experiences, and so on.

This approach, in my opinion, will solve the problem of generatio
n gap, in a relatively small time interval, allowing young people to seek out even more quickly in this world and realize their ideas into practice, which will lead to an increase in capacity of leftist movements in RF. The timeliness of such proposals, in my opinion, is the wave of civilian protest, which, though at the moment is on the decline, is still not to be missed is one hundred percent.

The future of the Russian Federation is dependent on us as we create now, so it will be tomorrow.

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