Mysteries of ancient arifmomantii

August 6, 2012 16:19

People at all times believed in the magic of numbers, once, by the way, is an entire ancient esoteric science! We married, we strive to not ever come, but only, for example, December 12, 2012, arrive just in time "lucky number" for the birth of a child, as children, firmly believe in "lucky ticket" on the exams, superstitiously avoid the number " 13 "… And so in every way!



It is hard to say exactly when born numerology, as in ancient Babylon, India, Egypt, Greece and Rome, a separate science just was not … But the huge popularity enjoyed arifmomantiya — the prediction of the numbers!

The basic principles of the current version of Western numerology have been developed in the VI century BC, known to every schoolchild (mostly in their pants!) Ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, who unified mathematical systems Arabs, Druids, Egyptians, Phoenicians and the sciences of human nature.

He taught that all things can be expressed in numbers. Since the universe is, in his opinion, to "measure" the numbers from one to four, which in addition to the ten is … the source of everything. But she had formed some ten main sacred number, which was a material and metaphysical integrity and perfection of the universe!

Much later this Pythagorean doctrine greatly influenced the formation and development of the spiritual secret societies of Europe, as the Rosicrucians, Freemasons, anthroposophy, and their special importance has received in the very mystical and magical … Kabbalah. But with the opening of the XIX century the nature of light, electricity and magnetism, ancient occult meaning attributed to numbers, was ascribed to the vibrations and energy …

The numbers after all — it's a kind of universal language that "speaks" the universe itself, and who can understand all sentient beings of all the peoples of the Earth! Even your name is also composed of a certain number of letters, and the birthday is a certain combination of numbers … So what, popredskazyvaem?

Go tell that to the "magic" of numerology the 0 (the same number 10!) Does not own a positive numeric value, and therefore not considered. Thus, 10 is simply the kind of unity! And more. All of their dates of birth should be added together until a digit from 1 to 9. But if the number of letters in your name — necessarily in the form that you use in everyday life! — Get complicated, it should also be reduced to the simple.

For example, I often called Kim. And it makes even myself! So, anyway, it turns out the number 3. And my name is Inna, though less frequently used, too big three than four (two "n" in the middle, just merge into one!) But with the number of stacked date of my birth, even some magic pandemonium — solid scores, which, of course, become one … And so it has, as one of a monkey joke, which oscillated between clever and beautiful, torn between these two numbers. However, it's worth it!

For example, one (or Monad) symbolizes … the Almighty Divine immutability of divine providence, the beginning of all things, unity and infinite mind of God, the center of the universe, and even masculinity. It demonstrates the commitment, responsibility, friendship, care, self-confidence, the desire to act, the integrity of intentions, creativity, concentration, great achievements, and even … genius! Do not you think it says about me, right?

But the triple (Triad), get out of my name, was revered by many ancient philosophers, like … perfect! Those Pythagoreans firmly believed in the existence of three worlds — the lower, upper and middle, and the followers of Socrates and Plato recognized the presence of the three main principles of the universe — matter, Eden and God. In Christianity the highest embodiment of the divine perfection, as you know, is the Trinity.

Even in pagan beliefs can find an amazing amount of any triples! And there are three dimensions of space — height, length and width. And there are three stages of time —

Past, present and future, and the three states of matter — solid, liquid and gas, and the three kingdoms of nature — animal, vegetable and mineral …

Keywords Triads — the power of the spirit and freedom. People under the influence of three, easy to learn and can adapt to any company. Enthusiasm makes them quite a lot to say, but it is so contagious enthusiasm that they can not cause the interest and sympathy. Each new project is incredibly tempting for them, and besides, they can easily get others to stand up for their views.

… Here I am, is what! And you? For those who are curious to hold numerological identity, bring a short list of the qualities of the main number.

Unit — Is an independent, self-confidence, perseverance, dedication, which, unfortunately, can turn into intolerance, arrogance, narrow-mindedness, grumpy, stubborn.

Two — Peace, justice, generosity, harmony, sociability. This is good. But there are also bad — it's indecision, indifference, reluctance to take responsibility, failing.

Three — Freedom, courage, risk, joy, splendor and magnificence. But this indifference, arrogance, impatience, little stamina.

Four — Strength, loyalty, calmness, honesty, the will to power, practicality and … slowness, dullness, conservatism, inability to adapt.

Five — Enterprise, vigor, courage, health, susceptibility, sympathy, which sometimes turn into haste, carelessness, unstable, unreliable, reckless.

Six — Idealism, generosity, honesty, compassion, loyalty, responsibility, and … a sense of superiority, softness, impracticality, subordination.

Seven — The wisdom, insight, fortitude, thoughtfulness, contemplation. But also pain, excessive criticism, omission, unsociable.

Eight — Practicality, power, business acumen, determination, control, consistency. And the lack of imagination, self-reliance, authoritativeness!

And, finally, nine — Intelligence, understanding, insight, wisdom, skill, a heightened sense of moral responsibility, genius. But, alas, often daydreaming, congestion, lack of concentration, lack of clear goals …

So, if on garlic, I not only divine and perfect, well, just Leela from "Fifth Element", but also rather intolerant and arrogant, somewhat limited, it happens that a contentious, often stubborn happens that indifferent, very impatient and besides, even unable to boast of great stamina … I do not know how I lived with all these terrible throng of negative qualities, if not inherent in a healthy sense of self-irony to me! And what you would strongly advise if you decide to "tell fortunes" on your number!

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