Mysterious journey of the soul

April 12, 2012 17:24

The problem of the soul is of great interest around the world. Official science prefers not to discuss this topic, although it is known that in many laboratories around the world for a long time are experiments whose purpose — to understand what kind of a substance, whether it is able to see, hear and think.

In the early 1990s, a great interest was Dr. Eugene Science Kugisa about unique research at the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Academy of Sciences of Lithuania. Ultra-precise measurements conducted for nearly 12 years, have shown that people at death inexplicably loses 3 to 7 grams of weight. All attempts to prove that the weight is lost naturally, were not successful. Many researchers believe that the weight of the soul leaving the body.

Experiments on the recognition of mental substance held at the end of the 1980s in VNIIRPA them. Popov, in a specially designed laboratory, under the direction of Professor Vitaly chrome. Scientists found that a substance, which we call the soul, is the sum of the wave radiation of all living cells.
Soul of the test was even able to capture and display on the screen. According to the reporter, who at that time had a chance to talk to a professor of chrome and attend one of the experiments, the soul of the screen had a rather bizarre form, vaguely reminiscent of a human embryo.
On experiments Khromova wrote fantastic things. Though in his laboratory carried transplants soul: the soul of the deceased had just moved into the body of another person on the verge of death, but which could still be saved. And though a number of "operations" were conducted successfully, resulting in dead people — a very famous and influential — was such a peculiar way to extend the life they have lived for some time in the bodies of other people. Surname "operated", of course, kept in the strictest confidence.
The soul passes from one body to
On the very possibility of artificial movement of the soul from one body to another has long been known — wrote about it more medieval mysticism.
Usually, such a replacement shower occurs spontaneously, without any human intervention, due to some unknown reasons. In person inhabits a stranger, "wandering" soul. It borders on the body with its original, native soul, sometimes completely drowned last and completely mastering the human being. More often, however, to inspire the soul does not manifest itself and makes itself felt only in some extraordinary moments or under hypnosis.
There are times when the soul leaves the proper person, and at this point in the vacated body is different — with his memories and experiences. This usually takes place during clinical death. From the outside it looks like the patient, "returned from the dead," comes to life, but he did not have relatives or friends, and no memory of her life before death experience. But remember someone else's life. If not for this oddity, it can be called quite normal and mentally healthy person …
In the 1970s, the entire Western press wrote about the 12-year-old Elena Markard, a resident of West Berlin. Waking up after a serious injury, she did not recognize any of the family and did not understand who turned to her in her native German. The girl began to speak Italian, who had never known. She said her name was Rosetta Rostilyani, and that she spent her life in Italy, and died there at the age of 30 years.
This opportunity interested scientists. Elena, Rosetta was taken to Italy. There she found her home and her daughter, whom she called in her childhood nickname.
A similar incident took place in Prague in 1920 during the infamous Spanish flu epidemic. In a crowded morgue one of the "dead" suddenly came to life. After spending some time in the hospital, the man was discharged, but not gone to his home, but somewhere in the countryside, where no one knew him. There he went into a house and announced that lives here. In for a host name and last name, and remembered many details of their "own" lives in this house.
The police investigation found that the real owner died and his body lay in the morgue at the same time with the body "impostor." This latter knew all about the host who died, though never met with him.
History ended with the villagers, after all, recognized the "impostor" miraculously resurrected his household. Convince them this is not so much his good knowledge of the family, as his habits, manners, speech features, which can not be copied.
The soul of the Russian artist moved into the American soldier
Observed that such cases are more likely to occur during the massive loss of life. Pelendaynom case with David, who drew the attention of the scientific world the U.S. occurred in the midst of World War II.
David, the son of white and Indian, born and raised in the American heartland. He studied on the reservation, the success did not differ and twice sat in a correctional prison for teens. In 1944, David went to fight in Europe. There was wounded, taken prisoner, the Germans he was tortured, and then dying, was placed in a concentration camp.
Captured the British concentration camp found the body of David, was identified by fingerprints and prepared for shipment home, when suddenly discovered that the young soldier is still warm life.
He was treated at hospitals in Austria and France, then shipped to the United States. David finally regained consciousness only two and a half years. When he awoke, he impressed others, saying: "My name is Vasily Kandinsky. I am an artist. " At first thought he was delirious, but the boy was behaving quite intelligently. In English he spoke with a strong accent, he was not particularly characteristic. And what's even more strange, he knew the Russian language, which has never studied. In Russian, he spoke without any accent and quite competently.
Later, when they began to understand the story, it turned out that the famous Russian artist Vasily Kandinsky died in France in 1944 at the age of 78 just in those December days. when David Pelendayn no sign of life was in a German concentration camp.
American after his "resurrection" lived as if all learned anew. He corresponded extensively with family and friends, asking them to give him any information about his life before the war. Then he had the urge to draw. Nowhere is this without learning. "Basil" was to paint with oil, and the first sign their name "Kandinsky". Critics, who showed his paintings in one voice declared that this is a genuine Kandinsky, and the signature belongs to him though.
In addition to painting, David became interested in playing the piano. One can recall that this Kandinsky received his musical education and a great game on the instrument. Subsequently Pelendayn managed art studio and simultaneously (with only six years of education!) Lectured at the University of Denver.
Already a professor Pelendayn agreed to undergo hypnosis. Keep the unique tape recording where Pelendayn questions hypnotist meets Kandinsky voice with a distinct Russian accent.
Communion with the soul of a famous artist revealed that she really moved into the body of a young American soldier at the time of his death. Soul Kandinsky promoted and subsequent "resurrection" of David.
The Spirits own hierarchy
But this begs the question: why not Pelendayna own soul back into the body to revive him? The answer to this and many other issues related to the spiritual essence of people, we probably will not know for a long time.
Some ideas have occultists. For example, about the strange resurrection Pelendayna they say the following: the perfume has its own hierarchy. Some of them are strong and weak. Apparently, the soul of Kandinsky is one of the strong, and why she was able to take the place of the soul Pelendayna.
Strong spirits, unlike the weak, and can even re-implanted in multiple human bodies. They usually placed into the baby's body, are still in the womb. But the strong spirits relatively little of it so rare for reincarnation. Even more rarely occur in their invasion of the body of adults, as Elena Markard, obscure people of Prague and David Pelendaynom.

Igor Voloznev
"Secrets of the twentieth century"

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