Mysterious meteorite craters on the ocean floor

January 30, 2012 16:42

Using seismic geophysical methods of the National Institute of Australia was discovered pyatidesyatikilometrovoe meteorite crater at the bottom of Pacific Ocean near Australia and the island of Timor. The book, which is available in the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, said that the meteorite crater was the result of the fall of the universe of objects. Russian scientists have also decided to take part in the study the strange object. The aircraft with the latest equipment left the airport Sheremetyevo Terminal d and arrived in Darwin Australia.

One of the authors, geologist Dariusz Jablonski conducted seismic prospecting platform Ashmore, in places where there is oil exploration, and found traces of impact structures, under a layer of sediment. Under the impact structures scientists understand domed "bulge" layers of rock that emerged from the rise from the depths of the components asteroid that melted on impact.

Dr. Andrew Gliksonom request Jablonski were studied specimens of rocks, which were obtained in drilling wells Mount Ashmore-1b. There have been studies of these rocks, in which showed signs of the impact of the blow. In particular, they found grains that have been melted and new crystallization. But originally they are not volcanic. This area also discovered gravity and magnetic anomaly.

Authors are seeking, noted that at the time when the meteorite fell, gave birth to the mouth of Ashmore, were heavy bombardment, which have contributed to the sharp drop in temperature on Earth.

Glikson also said that about the same time with the shock structure of the Mount Ashmore appeared stokilometrovoe crater in Siberia, 85-km crater off the coast of the U.S. state of Virginia. Simultaneously, in the north-east of America emerged field of tektites, representing a drop of melted rock. All these events, according to Gliksona, indicate that at that time the whole planet has undergone a large number of hits.

Scientists believe that the meteorite bombardment occurred about a million years before the Drake Passage between America and Antarctica. With the emergence of the Drake Passage came over around the Antarctic continent, isolated Antarctica, and also appeared and began to grow a huge glacier, which now operates as a planetary thermostat.

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