Mystery 27: Not withstanding ringing copper pipes …

Many people know the expression "to go through fire, water and copper pipes." And if the first two tests of the elements, usually less of a problem, the copper tubes are often insurmountable abroad especially for young people.

Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Alexander Bashlachev and most recently Amy Winehouse has died at age 27. Indeed, there are many celebrities who died at age 27. This is such a well-known fact that even the rumor of the existence of some "Club 27" or tragic-mystical number "27".

As you know, a lot of popular and talented people have died at a young age. But, in fact, the number "27" does not have that mysticism. Mikhail Lermontov not even live up to 27 years, and Igor Sorin died at age 29.

A team of scientists from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia decided to check it out. They tracked the fate of all the musicians who have found themselves on the top spots in the UK charts, as well as other artists in the period from 1957 to 2007. They came to the conclusion that there is no high probability of death was 27 years.

But in show business risk of dying between the ages of 20 and 30 years is much higher. He is two to three times higher than similar figures for ordinary people. And conclusions about the reasons for the patterns suggest themselves.

Lead author, Professor Adrian Barnett stressed that it is too much fame and popularity increase the likelihood of premature death. Not all can overcome the test of copper pipes.

In the past century, the beginning of the case is complicated by the formation of alcohol, drug abuse, neglect of a healthy lifestyle and moral standards. This significantly reduces the life of celebrities.

Of course, this is especially predisposing factors in the physiology of the young man's body. It is well known that at a young age testosterone production is maximized. Completed puberty. The body reaches physiological maturity and is in his prime. This contributes to the appearance of impulsivity, "ardor", negligence, and aggressiveness.

Therefore, the statistics recorded such a thing as a "dangerous peak» (accident hump). Dangerous and reckless show of power, the high propensity to violence lead to an increase in the number of premature deaths is at a young age. This is called a "dangerous peak."

Girls also reach maturity and visual appeal at this time. Therefore, they are also easy to achieve fame. However, like young men, they have not reached the psychological maturity. Therefore, they are extremely difficult to overcome the test of fame. Taking success and popularity of the main goals in life, they can easily lose their heads and fall.

In ancient Rome, when the victor after the great victories drove to the capital of the shouts of the crowd and the sound of copper pipe for him was a slave, who was holding above his head a golden crown. And despite the deafening noise of the crowd, a slave quietly in my ear like a military leader: «Memento mori» (Latin — Memento Mori). In other words, do not cost too triumphant lose your head from the glory, he's just a mortal man.

Unfortunately, today there is no one to remind young people of the dangers of copper pipes, so their life ends before it could.

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