Mystery of Holy Water



Every year on January 19, the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, there is a real miracle: water from all sources, whether it be spring, river or lake changes its structure and becomes a unique healing properties. How to explain this phenomenon?

In January, Christians around the world celebrate the Epiphany. However, it is the Catholics and Orthodox in different ways, and even the date of the celebration is not the same. In the Catholic tradition celebrate Epiphany on January 6. On this day, remember the Three Wise Men — Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar.

Following a bright star, they arrived in Bethlehem after the birth of Jesus and the first to worship the Savior. People who practice the Catholic faith in Baptism brought from home churches consecrated chalk. They write on the door of the first letters of the names of Zion — "K", "M" and "B" believing that by doing so protect the family from evil spirits.


In Orthodoxy, the festival falls on January 19. It is believed that when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River. According to the Gospel, at the time it came down to the Holy Spirit as a dove, and a voice from heaven proclaimed him the Son of God. In honor of this event in all Orthodox churches decided to cover the water, making over her special rituals. It is known that such water if it is stored in a separate receptacle long port, and moreover, possesses unique therapeutic properties. But what is surprising: the exact same quality gains moisture from any source, even from the tap. And it happens only on 19 January.

In one of the research laboratories of water gained in celebration of the Baptism of the flow of the lake, was kept at room temperature for four years. In this case, it did not change any color, no taste, no smell. Ordinary tap water is standing next to her in similar circumstances, has become unsuitable for drinking after only five months, and non-carbonated mineral purchased in the store-through eight. And it really is a miracle that can touch everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs and religious affiliation.

Moreover, in this day you can see another unique phenomenon. Sometimes on a calm water surface ripples seen a sharp, sudden arises when no wind. This phenomenon has been recorded many times, and witnesses become not only the true believers, but also distant from religion people.


Christianity has traditionally associates a miracle blessing of the water with the Savior. The Church Fathers believed that at the time of baptism was the God-man contact with matter. Plunged into the water, he thereby sanctified it. And ever since that day, not only in the holy springs, but elsewhere in the water acquires a "pristine property incorruptibility" and the processes of decay and collapse it will not get any. Moreover, it has the ability to heal the sick and to sanctify God's grace, each person receiving it with faith. Epiphany water, the assurances of the priests, extinguishes the flame of passion and ward off evil spirits, so she sprinkled the home and food, washed his face and hands.

Time of entry of Jesus in the Jordan water was accompanied by many signs. The river flows from the mountains, flows into the sea of Gennesaret (now Lake Kinneret), but over 300 meters do not mix it with salt water, and a flood continues its path until it falls into the Dead Sea, When Jesus was baptized, and the Spirit descended upon him Holy — and went back the waters of the Jordan. This sign has since repeated annually. On the eve of Orthodox Christians are allowed on the river wooden crosses with candles. Water carries them into the Dead Sea, and on January 19 returns back! On the same day, fresh water becomes salty Jordan …

Place of Baptism of Christ, now in the territory of Jordan. Local authorities only allow you to make 19 January on the banks of the river and the church service to bless the water. For actions follow a lot of tourists and pilgrims, so there are plenty of witnesses who, through their eyes are watching as the river turns back, and the branches of trees sink so low as to touch the water.

Pagan cults

Although the baptism of cancellation are millions of people around the world, this event does not belong to the category of Bible. The early Christians did not stand at all that day. And in the Scriptures about it does not say anything. The tradition of celebrating appeared only in the VII-VI11 centuries after Christ. Perhaps it has something to do with the customs of our more distant ancestors? After all, the cult of water was one of the most important in paganism.

For example, the Slavic peoples have long worshiped the rain which watered and fertilized the ground, as it were. Heavenly Water attributed the protective, cleansing and increase property on its quality depended the health of residents of various localities. One of the most common greetings from ancient Russians had a wish, "Be sensible, like water!". Multiple sources and wells where water had healing powers, was under the patronage of the goddess Mokosh.

By the way, after the adoption of Christianity, all of them taken over by the St. Paraskeva, then St. Nicholas.


In modern Mari, Albanian and Adyg families until recently remained rainmaking ceremonies, the roots of which go back to the beginning of our era. During the drought of women and girls have made a special doll, attributed it to the river and thrown into the water. Encountered on the road to the pond people have tried to spray the procession, and the participants of action in response had to drag them along and dip in the river.

Finally, in our days on the Mediterranean coast, particularly in the area of Larnaca, Limassol, Protaras, Pafos, is widely celebrated ancient pagan holiday Kataklysmos — the day of the ritual bathing in the holy water, which is an echo of the cult of Aphrodite and Dionysus * At dusk on the banks of rivers and mountain the sea thousands of people gather for the ritual immersion in water for one night acquires magical properties.


Blessing of the Waters and related sorts of ceremonies were held in ancient times all over the place. For example, the famous Rusalov, confined to the winter and summer solstice, served as a kind of initiations for girls and boys entering adulthood. They have generated and sent to wander in the epics and tales of mermaids and water, water managers earthly and heavenly. The protagonists of the holiday — the innocent girl who pulled lots. They sacrificed to the river, crowned with water for coastal land fertility.

But the most terrible in the life of a pagan religious holiday — the Day of Veles. It is necessary just to b January in the old style, that is, on January 19, the same day when we celebrate the Epiphany!

The name of the god Veles (in some areas — Volos) is derived from the Indian "led" — "die" in the five days prior to January 6, the elders were taken birth weak, the sick and unnecessary tribe people to send to the hereafter. This was done to ensure that workers do not have nothing to feed the "parasites." Doomed prepared for the ritual death. Relatives listened to their last farewell, passed its requests to otherworldly forces, and then said goodbye. And in Veles day people return ashore and sank in running water (usually in the hole at the whirlpool or in the mouth of the river).

Amazingly, after the adoption of Christianity in the same places began to be built the chapel and baptismal font, and in winter to make the hole in the ice in the form of crosses. And where before there was stoked native, began to bathe in the glory of the Christian holiday of Epiphany, as if washing off his old sins!


And yet, why are so many rituals converged on date 19 (b) of January? As a result of many years of observation specialists in nuclear physics have recorded: Every year on this day the Earth bombarded intense neutron fluxes, elementary particles with no charge. Power neutron irradiation of the planet increases of 100-200. Maximum flow falls on the Dead Sea area — not because there are bending trees on the banks of the Jordan River?

Scientists have long known that intense neutron "attacks" have a sterilizing effect, ie all malicious viruses and bacteria are destroyed. One can only wonder and marvel at how our ancestors managed to detect this effect. Perhaps wise Savior knowingly plunged into the waters of the Jordan at this time. Thus, he gave his followers a powerful tool for self-healing, purification of the soul and body.

"Line of Destiny" in January 2013

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