Mystic satellite dishes


This story was told to me apart two petersburger: first television master Sergei natives and then starozhilka home for the former Znamenskaia Street (now St.. Rebellion) Daria V. Pirogov.

Sergei Vykhodtsev Now 25, he served in the emergency radio air defense forces, working in the company for installation of spherical antenna "Cosmovision" and is going to become in the near future husband granddaughter Daria Vasilevny, very pretty female students of the Textile Institute Vera.

Actually, Sergei wanted to do a pre-wedding gift-connect the TV to the family Pirogovy highly modern multi-channel antenna.

"The best place to install the" plates "had a balcony adjoining the room Daria V. — telling natives. — But as soon as I hinted about it, she was strongly oppose this idea. "Sit down, eat better soup. From my plate more good than from your … "

From Soup Sergei refused. Daria V. laid the table in the living room, and the young man took up the hot bean soup. The hostess went into the kitchen to warm up the second, and Sergei suddenly came over the feeling that someone is watching him and every spoon accompanies the hungry eyes! Already badly was almost choked. Finally, the hostess returned.

Sergei told him about the strange sensation, and the woman became sad, "I, too, sometimes it happens … In this room, in the winter of the siege starved my husband Viktor. On the front it did not take the visually impaired. So he worked as a teacher at the school until the forces are, and then came down. "

Vera then returned and began to pull at all to quickly put the antenna. She opened the balcony door, peeled off her multi-ply paper tape. Sergei got out and began to mount the satellite "dish". After finishing the installation, became a TV set. One of the channels desperately junk. On the screen were running zigzags, strokes, shimmering ripples. Suddenly, through the dense grid disturbances arose a man's face! The man moved his lips silently …

Daria V. entered. Threw briefly glance at the screen and was stunned! She became ill and almost fainted she sank into a chair, whispering one word, only one name: "Victor … Vitenka … "

Yes, she had seen in jumping, running lines of the face of her late husband. A session of this incredible transcendental "connections" did not last long, five or six minutes. Then he scored the ionospheric channel interference. Overwhelmed by Daria V. could not recover.

Many days later, she told this writer: "Victor died in the most difficult time of the blockade — in January, forty-two. Betray his land there was no way. The only thing that I was able to arrange it for a pack of cigarettes to women workers of the former brick factory in furnaces that burn the corpses of the victims of Leningrad, on the cremation of his body is not in the general tab, and separately to get it his ashes, and not someone else's.

I always wanted to bury the ashes in the spring at St. Seraphim mother's grave in the cemetery of her husband. In the meantime, put the bag of ashes in a stone vase on our balcony. Oh, and left him there for many years. Kind of like a near Victor, and your soul is not so hard. And none of this lurking urn did not know — neither daughter nor granddaughter … I sometimes flowers in a stone vase put — on holidays, and vzgrustnetsya, then vsplaknesh on the balcony with cute dust. I'm not even in the church on the confession that never spoke. And a special sin is not seen …

And that's when I saw it on the screen, I realized that I went wrong. At one time I was working with the deaf, so my lips know how to parse words. Victor on the screen saying, "Roll me land, put it in the ground …"
I'm lucky to another day on the ashes Serafimovskoe and ordered a marble plaque. Let her sleep, like all people. And their sin I otmolit … "

That's the whole story. Pure Petersburg, Leningrad precisely. One stirs thought: the noosphere is embracing an all phenomena in the world of the mind, the soul, both past and present. This term coined Academician VI Vernadsky.

In ancient times, the same people under the noosphere razumeli the afterlife, where the souls of their ancestors, with all their deeds, passions, feats. So, perhaps, satellite caught an information beam "of light"? They say that Germany has long been communicating with the dead on TV …


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