Navy loaded on waterline

Navy loaded on waterline

The Russian navy drew prospect

One of the important events of the past week was the announcement tactical training crews four Russian fleets — the Northern, Baltic, Black Sea and Pacific — off the coast of Syria, the second year torn apart by a bloody civilian war. In general, the message was not a news item. On sending troops to East Mediterranean Russian ships from Severomorsk, Baltic, Sevastopol, Vladivostok and it was clear even before the New Year. Citing an unnamed source in the General Staff of the Armed Forces, we wrote in "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" (issue dated 25.12.12) that they have to go to the rendezvous point for the "joint combat missions" from the shores of this country. In addition, the warships — missile cruiser "Moskva", a huge anti-submarine "Marshal Shaposhnikov" and "Severomorsk" drifters "Yaroslav the Wise" and "sharpness", and 6 great landing "Kaliningrad", "Novocherkassk", "Alexander Shabalin" "Saratov", "Nikolai Filchenkov" and "Azov", ensuring their vessels — tankers and tugs are scheduled multiple calls at the point of logistics Navy in the port of Tartus. Maybe our ships will accept the role in the evacuation of Russian people who zahochut evacuate at this time their second home.

But later it turned out (say it again unnamed source from the General Staff), which mezhflotskaya combined force of the Russian Navy not only hold a joint maneuvers at sea and fine-tune the control system is so huge detachment of Russian ships than our Chief of Naval Staff was not engaged in a very long time too , and giving away tactical episodes on landing on the Syrian-sparing several marine units of the Navy, air assault units of the 108th Regiment of the Kuban Cossack from the Novorossiysk Air Assault (Mountain) Airborne Division, and military equipment. Then they will work working process — the loading of these machines and units BDK. With all this cover fire assault from the sea produce Strike Group ships in the already betrothed cruiser "Moskva" destroyer "Severomorsk" drifters "Sharp-witted" and "Yaroslav the Wise."

Of course, live ammunition on Syrian soil, they are unlikely to shoot — will cost the blanks. Although the absence of mandatory strong air support in the process of landing troops, though what that is painted exhortation to conduct similar operations in the message GSH alarming, but not amazing. Fly to Syria from the same or from the Crimea Anapa to our front-line bombers away. Well, you need to request permission from the states that are on the route of flight, to explain to them why and why flying in the Eastern Mediterranean, our "dry." Wraith much rather confusing — a bit. In a truncated form of exercise — also a science. All the more so if their real goal — not a demonstration of the growing power of the Russian Navy (from the Yankees in the area one fleet — Second, but there battle power about as much as we have on all four fleets — one or two aircraft carriers, 40 warships, 175 aircraft and 21 thousand personnel), and preparation for the likely evacuation of.

Yet our resurgent fleet can already brag new underwater missile cruiser strategic focus "Yury Dolgoruky" 16 multiheaded strategic missile "Bulava-30" on the board that after a record 16 years of construction was finally admitted to the military structure Navy Russia. Festive lift it St. Andrew's flag was also held last week — Jan. 10. On the role of President Vladimir Putin, who congratulated the sailors with the event in St. Petersburg on telecommunications and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, which on board the submarine, which stands against the wall, "Sevmash" in Severodvinsk, dressed in a jacket older boat, for the same telecommunications reported to the Supreme Commander of the event. We wrote in "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" adopting "Yury Dolgoruky" in structure Navy on December 27 last year. Transfer cruiser, as claimed by Deputy Defense Minister for Armaments Yuri Borisov, was scheduled for 30 December but has not developed. Or the president was busy, or the Minister failed to arrive in Severodvinsk — is unclear. But the act of receiving and transmitting the ship from the factory, the Mariners still had been signed in the past year — December 29.

And last week, it became clear that the "Yury Dolgoruky" enlisted in the 31 th Division submarine of the Northern Fleet, based in the Bay of reindeer moss, on the shore where the city submariners Gadzhievo (Closed "Alexander"), the Murmansk region. The order was announced this Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov at St. Andrew's flag-raising ceremony on SSBNs. And another good news — right behind the 3-serial cruisers of the "princely Series" — class Project 955 "Borey" "Alexander Nevsky", "Vladimir Monomakh" to 16 "Mace" on board "Prince Vladimir" (Project 955A with 20 missiles on board) a day for the Navy, "Sevmash" will be laid by two SSBNs 955A project "Alexander Suvorov" and "Mikhail Kutuzov".

The development of our Navy country allocated in the state program of armaments 2020 4000000000000. rub. — One fifth of the 20 trillion ruble. the state order. This was just said during a video conference with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the handover ceremony "Dolgoruky" fleet of Russian President Vladimir Putin. "Renewal of the fleet — one of the most important values of our work to strengthen the armed forces — he said, and added: — As part of the state armaments program to 2020 to establish the equilibrium of modern submarines and surface groups allocated more than 4 trillion rubles."

Rejoice for sailors. Their ships are loaded with one hundred percent — at the waterline. But this satisfaction will be even more complete when we learn that this year finally adopted in battle build a multipurpose nuclear submarine of project 855 "Severodvinsk", and the mission of the Russian ships 4 fleets in the Mediterranean completed successfully.

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