Navy organized a constant combat duty off the coast of Syria

Navy organized a permanent combat duty off the coast of Syria

Warships of the Russian Navy will be on constant alert in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria, reports RIA Announcements citing a senior source in the Ministry of Defense.
As the spokesman said, the latest time Syrian coast on duty at the Black Sea Fleet frigate "Sharp-witted." In May, his replacement will come from Sevastopol other ship.

Earlier it was reported that the "Sharp-witted" will go to the Syrian port of Tartus, where the point of logistics fleet and the remaining time since the Russian floating docks and workshops.

In January this year, was part of the flotilla to Syria Russian warships led by the aircraft carrier languid "Admiral Kuznetsov". Then in Tartus from St. Petersburg arrived ship "Chariot" on board which had some "terrible burden", presumably — gun.

Today Russian authorities in turn support the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which fighting for power with an armed uprising. Thus, our homeland twice blocked a UN resolution condemning the excessive use of force against the people of Syria. In addition, Moscow stands against the ban on weapons to Damascus, which can be used against the inhabitants of this country.

Due to such positions some Syrians who favor a change of power in their own country, have a very bad feeling for the Russian Federation, which results, namely, public burning of the flag of the Russian Federation.

At the same time Assad supporters on their own demonstrations, on the contrary, thank Russia and waving her flags.

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