Nearly 1,000 hectares of forest continues to burn in Siberia

Area of forest fires in Siberia through the snow fell over the weekend dropped from 28.236 to 967 thousand acres, on Monday morning reported 27 outbreaks, reports Siberian Center of MOE.

"There are 27 forest fires on an area of 967 hectares. Of these seven localized fires in the area of 285 hectares," — said in a statement.

The most difficult situation is stored in the Baikal region. Here, according to the regional GUMCHS, over the past day registered 32 forest fires in the area over 920 hectares. Only managed to put out the fire, it is 11, 21 fire continues to operate on the area 812 hectares.

"Large forest fire in Transbaikalia is one — in Sretensky area, he acts just 5 kilometers from the district center. During the very first day it has grown from 1 to 200 acres. Extinguishing this fire involved 34 people and eight pieces of equipment, but at the end yesterday it was unable to locate "- said GUMCHS edge.

The Office notes that as a day in the Transbaikal region were reported 24 uncontrolled vegetation fell in ten districts of the region.

In Western Siberia, still can not fully cope with wildfires in the Novosibirsk region. As the regional GUMCHS, for the last day came eight new forest fires in the area of 164.5 hectares, eliminated three — in the area of 10.5 hectares. At the moment, there are five in the control of fires on the total area of 154 hectares.

Total for the district, according to the Emergency Center of the Siberian, during the last days in the SFD 70 fires occurred on an area of 1.078 thousand hectares, of which 47 per night eliminated a total area of 436.7 hectares, is localized — four.

Conducted 318 raids to detect cases of violations of fire safety in forests, made up 81 administrative record.

To limit access to the forests and monitor the situation at the present time is set 878 posts, including 198 stationary. To control the forest fire situation in areas of combustion sent 129 operational teams.

According to MOE, not exclude the possibility of new outbreaks and increasing areas of existing natural fires, as projected high daytime temperatures, lack of sustained rainfall, sometimes gusts of 10 to 25 m / s in all subjects of the district.

In a number of areas are not excluded transitions fire in populated areas, power generation facilities, electric poles and other objects.

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