Nekljaev: Moving forward to last, the company will work

October 12 The Economic Court of Minsk Minsk City Executive Committee granted the petition to deprive the state registration of a research and educational institution "Moving Forward", which holds the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" Head "forward movement" — a contender for the presidency Nyaklyayeu.

This trial lasted from July, when the Minsk city executive committee, made a claim to recognize the treaty as a "forward movement" with OOO «Tina Vlati» tenancy on the avenue Masherova 54-5 void. They say that these areas — trade and can not be used as an office. July 29 The Economic Court upheld the lawsuit, the City Committee.

According to the "forward movement" Victor Sazonov, in the law there is no rule that would define what space can be used for administrative purposes. In addition, the company «Tina Vlati» movement rented not trade, namely the administrative area. But on October 12 the judge Andrew Ribalkin decided to eliminate the registration of "progress."

The Executive Director of the "Movement Forward" Nina Pohlopko stated that necessarily would appeal the decision:

"Today we have lost the court — on paper. But we are definitely going to file a complaint and appeal to the board of the Commercial Court and the appeal to the Supreme Court. Nobody is going to give up, in the words ofand the truth, and we will speak. All sewn with white thread, there is no evidence that we have broken the law. But at the same time a decision is made. "

The leader of the campaign "Tell the Truth" poet Nyaklyayeu thus commented on the decision of the Commercial Court:

The company declared an outlaw. It is not a surprise to us.

"Company of the state against the" Tell the Truth! "Came, they say, to its logical ending. The company declared an outlaw. It is not a surprise to us. It would be worse if it was done in July, the first trial. But then, we have made every effort to keep the company, because they were not yet ready for dramatic changes. And now, we have already prepared positions, and these positions are not behind but ahead. So the "Moving Forward", which they closed, will still continue, the company will work in the same mode.

Almost all members of the "Tell the Truth!" Get in the action group, Vladimir Neklyaeva, so that each of them has a license, protected by law. "

Will the general judgment on your campaign, will change the strategy, tactics?

"Strategy and tactics, we will not change the fact that the court will come up with the state. We will change the fact that they themselves think of that campaign was more active, more creative, more interesting, as we do every day. "

On October 14, Vladimir Neklyaeva called to the meeting of the Central Election Commission to parse why the mailboxes raskidayutstsa campaign leaflets for him. Mr. Nekljaev believes that this is another attempt to prevent his election campaign.


Nekljaev, "Tell the Truth"

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