Nekljaev support entrepreneurs

Individual entrepreneurs in Belarus have collected more than 8,000 signatures demanding the authorities to withdraw the draft law approved by the National Assembly on the development of small and medium-sized businesses, which has not yet entered into force. His signature to these requirements today and put the potential presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu.

Entrepreneurs do not like the bill to support small businesses developed without their participation, and that it ignored their real problems and needs. Says the head of the organizing committee of association "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev

"Only 15% of the content of the law correspond to the current reality. Rest — has long been obsolete, not clear, and it is best not to rush and to suspend the law and develop it with normal economists and lawyers. Suitable people, developments and proposals are."

Petition for review of the bill began in July. He was supported and the campaign "Tell the Truth." 8246 signatures will be handed over to the presidential administration, said Viktor Gorbachev.

On He said, registered in Belarus, 235,000 individual entrepreneurs. Together with their families is one million people.

"This million will not vote for the current government. We can safely say Yarmoshina," Ms. Yarmoshyna if you draw this million Lukashenko, it would not be true. "And that million will defend their interests, and their voices in different ways: from the collection of signatures to Square. Nobody does not exclude that entrepreneurs will be on the area to assert their voice and speak. "

At a press conference attended by potential presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu, who signed a special statement to support the demands of employers about the new law.

"What is a democratic European law on small and medium business? This means that this data is immediately million opportunities to earn as much as they can, and become rich. And freedom, if we ignore all the romantic epithets, there is always the freedom of the material. When a person has your home and everything else, then it is free and does not participate in the Commonwealth Games. "

Nyaklyayeu said that if he wins the first law, which he signed, will be the law on small and medium businesses.

Mr. Nekljaev at a press conference with entrepreneurs presented himself to a greater degree as a presidential candidate, but as a leader of the campaign "Tell the Truth":

"I emphasize that despite the presidential campaign that after, I'm the president, the campaign "Tell the Truth" will continue its work to me and honey did not seem service, and no one else. "

Vladimir NyaklyaeAt the same time, the initiative group of Lukashenka accused of flagrant violation of the law — the collection of signatures under administrative pressure, since the pickets for the current head of people do not want to sign. But opposition candidates received substantial support to the people on the stage of collecting signatures, acknowledged Nekljaev. However, he urged his colleagues in the opposition camp not to succumb to euphoria:

"And we today have to think very seriously about how and what we unite our forces."

Nyaklyayeu learned of plans of the Belarusian TV debates about the presidential candidates, called on to take part in them only on a live broadcast.

At the end of the press conference, the leader of entrepreneurs Victor Gorbachev issued a statement:

"I declare that I am, Gorbachev Viktor Borisovich, my relatives and friends during the electoral campaign is not going to end his life by suicide. I there is reason to I say … "

Gorbachev addressed his appeal to "young and old wolves." Explain in more detail the reasons for this statement Gorbachev refused.

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