Nemo propheta in patria sua


"There is no prophet in his own country" — said the ancient Romans. This saying came to us to think that we respected Internet comments under Article Zenon Pozniak "False elections, fake behavior," in which he calls to boycott the presidential elections on 19 December.

In Belarus there are people who see Zenon Pozniak if not a prophet, someone like that. Well, how else to interpret such statements:

Vladimir, Minsk: Every word in this article is true.

Elena, Grodno: Only now beginning to understand that there is no reasonable position than the boycott of the electoral spectacle! But none of the opposition for some reason does not want to understand!

MINSK, March: Gurtuymasya around our Zeno — by the People's boycott of the electoral farce.

Michael: Zenon S., thank you for having never leave the truth. You're the only politician who always tells her Belarusians. You — our future president! President of an independent, free and strong in Belarus!

Anonymous: Great i absolutely accurate analysis of the situation sounded Pazniak. Thank you Zenon S., all the cases that way i defend. We will keep this analysis that the game would not ladilisya Moscow regime i yagonymi padstavnami klovnami.

Black War, Sluck: Pozniak as always wrote bitter and crystal truth about the situation in the country.

Normal people:
Pozniak said something that has long been the majority of Belarusians think that once again he borrowed want to take advantage of anti-popular clique Lukashenka and the opposition litter.

We think that it will not be wrong too, when the sum, for these people a prophet, but he is, unfortunately, not in his own country.

But for these people there is no prophet, nor in his own country or in a foreign country:

Aksana: I remember that in 2006, Mr. Pozniak same stick assured everyone that the salvation of the nation — in the "popular vote" that only this invention will break the machine fraud. Now that he has found a new panacea, would be nice to finally tell about the effect of the "popular vote", how many people — hundreds of thousands or even millions of Belarusians took part in it in 2006.

Sergey, Minsk: Terribly far away from this man of the people. Immigrants, fled, caught in a strange land.

Vintsuk, village Karlishki: Dear S. Zeno! Stop … No need to stir up the public.

man: Kozulin only went to jail, did not hesitate. i those who Pozniak mud watered every day talking to people who live in Belarus under Lukashenko, i struggle to throw off the yoke. and Mr. Pozniak of Belarus abroad "saves". How many years have passed, and mustered all the courage to come i do not stand next to the Belarusians in the fight for freedom. ashamed of such a "leader." shame!

Derugo: Why no specifics in the conclusions and recommendations? Pozniak because he did not know what to do.

And let us at this point nakrapats comment to this comment.

Duty svabodavets, Prague The prophet does not have to know what to do. But the prophet must know the truth. Because without the truth — he was not a prophet. But politics — not necessarily know the truth. And the policy and do not necessarily tell the truth. But he definitely need to know what to do. Exposure of the prophets in general will not stand politics. And politicians — anywhere at all not worth the prophets. Not to be confused with one another.

Now for the other.

Can a person with an inclination to eratamanstva and obscene curses to be a religious person?

Someone "zdanek" calls into question the sincerity of the religious and social aspirations of Vladimir Orlov, who took part in the rally for the return of the church of Saint Joseph in Minsk believers.

zdanek: funny how a man whose latest work is eratamanski character using swear words — at the same time fighting for the faith!

zdanek, you inductive thinking hacked. And why he did not fight at all seriously? If he spavyadaetstsa and sincerely repents of his inclinations, so he also get to heaven after this earthly struggle, although its literary and swearing at the women kasavuryts tasty eye …

Mr. Orlov! More sex in the native literature! Strike, according to our editorial colleague Ian Maksimyuk, powerful Belarusian boobs in lean face anti-Belarusian filistera.

Beer today give Dimu who commented on an interview with the chairman of the National Broadcasting Company Alexander Zimouski under the heading "Zimouski:" The coming months will be on TV ears in politics "as follows:

Dim, Mensk: We have for many years in deep Zimouski …

Go freezing. Do not leave home without a hat.

See you next week!

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