New mass death of saiga antelopes found in northern Kazakhstan

New mass death of saiga recorded in Kostanai region in northern Kazakhstan, said on Thursday the press office of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic.

Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture reported on more than 540 found in Kostanai region carcasses of dead animals.

"Today, 24 May, at 12.00 (10.00 MSK) during air monitoring in the area where saiga Zhangeldinskom Kostanai region near the south-west of the former place of case saiga, which occurred on May 19, recorded a new hotbed of case saiga. Estimated number of dead animals is more than 400 head, "- said in a statement the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to authorities, the area of case is 11h5 kilometers.

Last year, the mass death of saiga was recorded in western Kazakhstan, killing more than 12,000 animals, presumably from pastereleza and overeating.

The total number of saiga according to 2010 in Kazakhstan with the death of about 12,000 saiga in the West Kazakhstan region totaled 85,500 head. Every year on the measures to ensure the protection of the saiga antelope in Kazakhstan, spent 125 million tenge (about 800,000 dollars).

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