New year 2013. Year of the Black Snake


2013 — Year of the Black Snake, which is sure to start with a new and fiery energy that is. According to Chinese astrology, formal black snake comes into his reign 4th of February. It is better to fill your home and workplace positive, glowing symbols that represent love and success. As congratulations LifeGlobe prepared for you six tips that will help you bring balance and harmony in life.

1. Hang in the New Year at work painting the sun and crescent together. This should be depicted with a crescent moon below the sun, or the sun on the right and left of the moon. You can also put other objects in your home and office, which will symbolize balance and unity.

2. Gold jewelry attracts positive energy Qi. Gold — the color of nurturing rays of the sun. In the year of the snake, always wear black objects that best match your own signs.

3. Sacred objects bring protective energy into your home. Put them on a marked space, arrange a special altar.

4. We each have imaginary friends and spirits. It is important not to forget them, to honor and recognize their spiritual guides, and do not ignore them or fear. Find a moment to quietly thank them and ask for yourself good luck and prosperity.

5. Spend one minute a day in the shower, in bed or in front of your altar, to talk about your concerns, desires, or concerns. Any spiritual promises to remember and repeat every day.

6. Make up your own song or ritual that will praise the warm and nurturing qualities of golden sun. Also, use images or symbols that help you see the sun, you are washing the golden rays. Try to get in the middle of the room and pull the arms up with a big smile on his lips and sing, tell verse and embrace her arms as if embracing. Kiss the hand and feel that is filled with love. Raise your hand to the sky and the universe will receive your gift of love, and return you many blessings.

How would jokingly described above did not sound advice to them is to listen. Congratulations on the new 2013, the year of the Black Snake! Love yourself and your loved ones, achieve all your goals, be successful and prosperous!


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