Non-formal education has always existed in Belarus

Society festival is held for the third time. With us on the telephone Dmitry Karpievich, chairman of the organizing committee of the festival.

Mr. Karpievich that meant, when it is of the "informal" education?

This term was used actively the last decade, and it must be understood in connection with the concept of continuing education and lifelong learning. This means that now expanded very interpretation of the term education. If before it was understood at school or university education, now education — is the development of new knowledge and the development of new skills. All that matters is that one has to learn throughout life.

The concept of lifelong learning defines three full field. First, a formal education (secondary, tertiary). Second, it's non-formal education — under it is any kind of organized learning that takes place outside of formal training and is not associated with the issuance of a government issued identification. The third area — infarmalnaya education, ie self or natural learning.

In general, non-formal education — this is not a new phenomenon. In Belarus, it has always existed. You can recall the famous partnership Filaret, Philomath, or operations of the Company Belarusian schools in the 20 years of the twentieth century in Western Belarus. But now the non-formal education quality varies and takes the same value as the formal education as schooling, as well as higher education.

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