NOT adrakaytsesya boobs our home …

Kateryna Nikandrova chest, next to the cat Barsik have become an essential element of the Belarusian policy at the present stage.

From what has just congratulate all voters sympathetic to share as our younger brothers and Belarusian juicy boobs that are affected in a strange fortress bras, bra and byustgalterav, that is natsytsnikav.

The Return of the word "boobs"In a nationwide usage — this is no small event language, it is possible that not less important than the elections, which pushed the word, so to speak, on the political recess. We must ensure that this word — both in singles and in the plural — the constant residence in our dictionary.

In the Soviet five-volume explanatory dictionary of the Belarusian language, the word "boobs"- In the sixth volume on page 263 — is accompanied by a marked "Span (Aries)". A value of 1: Chest woman. Meaning 2: Nipple mammals.

In the post-Soviet one-volume explanatory dictionary of literary Belarusian language (1996) article "Boobs"(Page 736) is also accompanied by a marked "The number (Aries)", and the meaning of the word is the same as in shastsitomnym pyatsitomniku.

Belarusian leksykografy as if embarrassed to ensure lexical alone "boobs/boobs"Full status in the Belarusian language, as if afraid to show this leksemu in it, so to speak, the natural state, and therefore navalakayuts her bra called "The number (Aries)".

In a situation where almost no one speaks Belarusian, put labels like "colloquial" in front of a Belarusian word — it is, sorry, leksykagrafichnaya perversiya …

For people who have studied the Belarusian language from my mother — the word "boobs"Do not be bashful" conversational. "Others may prefer the word"chest"As a" tongue-tied "interchangeably. But it is, so to speak, inaccurate synonym. The word" breast "- a much broader semantic field than the word" boobs. "So," tits "- a word more accurate and unique. A precise and unique things should cherish.

Of course, we intercede for "boobs" like a juicy literary word from which you want to remove natsytsnik "conversation." We put him on a par with the word "breast".

But we do not want the excesses in this matter, as does a regular visitor of our website with the nickname "Nikolai" who sent us here this comment:

"According to Russian talking boobs, why suddenly grasped the chest bone under umbrellas???"

Nicholas, not all say "boobs." There are, unfortunately, people who say "breast". Shame on them, of course … But …

The word "chest"I do not mean" chest bone under umbrellas "as you think. Look in the dictionary. These bones are raised by"sternum"…

If you do not have a dictionary, then go to the library. And do not durite our heads.

And everything else we offer at the end to reflect on yet another sad fact of history perversiynay Belarusian leksykagrafii. Try to translate the English "boobs"Or"tits"At Google Translate into Belarusian. Think you there will seem"boobs"? And nifiga. Will seem"boobs"… This is how we hand position to the Russians. Already surrendered"boobs"And now, perhaps, getting ready to take"yaytsy"…

When I showed the result of the translation of words "boobs" and "tits" on the Belarusian language in Google Translate to my wife, she said something like, "Well, I told you that they are not all in the right place …", and then added that at least in the Podlasie Belarusian girls boobs only one, and that it is, fortunately, two-inch lower than the boobs …

Well, what else to add?

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