Not the weather, it was sheer depression!


Many scientists recently said that about the usual weather we now have to forget. Long time or forever? — It is not yet known. Alas, in the next few years, the Russians, and the entire planet, as if expecting different weather anomalies.

The weather, as they say, do not hide, do not hide. Experiments have shown that people, even placed in an isolated room, magnetically shielded, with favorable temperature, humidity, light and pressure, still feel the weather changes — some have headaches begin, others have stiff joints, jumping from third pressure. And here's the number of weather-sensitive people, as scientists say, with the 30s of the last century has almost doubled!

As physicians consider, people are particularly susceptible to sudden changes in weather parameters, unfortunately, in recent years we are witnessing is the extremely steep temperature changes and pressure well and manage the winds change direction in a matter of hours. Now even the cyclone is replaced by an anticyclone (and vice versa) is not within 5-6 days as before, but only for 3-4 days …

Weather has now become a fashionable topic, gossip about her grandmother on the benches at the entrances, say prominent scientists and politicians, and physicians have been associated with weather anomalies even mental disorders.

Most climate of the world as the cause of global warming with all the hurricanes and weather anomalies in the emissions of greenhouse gases, mainly — carbon dioxide. Somewhere around 80% of the emissions of climate-damaging emissions associated with the burning of fuel. Contribute to global warming are making the pipes and boiler plants, and tourist bonfire, and the exhaust pipe of your car. The average temperature of the planet is gradually increasing, and with it the growth of almost all continents shrinking glaciers. On the possible nightmarish consequences of global warming have already wrote a lot, so we will not repeat itself, but rather focus on hypotheses that are not linked to climate change to human activity.

There is nothing new under the sun

When you hear that "for the first time during the period of meteorological observations" broken or that the temperature record, unwittingly becomes uncomfortable, and a head start visiting the darkest thoughts. Of course, where podnabratsya optimism if one scientist promises that our sun is overheated and will soon explode, the other facing another the Flood, and the third "encouraged" by a new ice age. However, whether or not to panic and so does mankind to blame for recent climate disasters?

To more optimistic about the future, it is necessary to remember that the period of regular meteorological observations over the duration of the history of mankind is negligible, and in the past on our planet is not just a case of most real climate apocalypse. Victims of climate disasters are many ancient civilizations, particularly from years of drought destroyed the civilization of the Maya.

Scientists Hydromet EP Borisenkov and VM Pasetsky a result of years of hard work have written a unique book, "Millennial chronicles the extraordinary phenomena of nature" in it from the Russian chronicles and various other ancient sources, they collected information on climate extremes over a very long period . This book helps us to understand that today's "folly" weather is not something unique, fatal and horrible. In the past, our ancestors did not just become not only witnesses, but sometimes the victims of weather anomalies. Here are just a few examples.

922 year. Central Asia. All the rivers, including the Amu Darya, were covered with thick ice.

1011. Severe winter everywhere, including in the Kievan Rus. Frozen Bosphorus. In Egypt, the Nile rose ice.

1066. Czech Republic. From the terrible forest fires in the summer there was a continuous haze. Smoky stench of burning peat land blanketed more than 300 days.

1083. "The great dry" on the Russian plain, forest and peat fires, prairie burns.

1110. Kiev. Winter storm in February. "And there appeared a pillar of fire from the ground to the sky, and lightning lit up the whole earth."

1186. Europe. Unusually warm winter. In January, the trees were in bloom.

1210. Western Europe. Very cold winter, including Venice, where driving on the frozen sea on carts.

1228. Western Europe. Already in April bloomed grapes and the harvest was completed in late June.

1232. In Southern Europe, was so severe winter that froze the Bosphorus. A summer in Germany was so hot that the sand could bake eggs.

1471. Western Europe. Unusually early spring. In February, the trees were in bloom, in May. Summer is hot and extremely dry. Autumn fruit trees in bloom again.

This is only part of the information about the weather anomalies, and in the history of mankind, believe me, there were many. So consider that in recent years the weather is something really quite extreme, perhaps, not worth it.

We still know very little about the causes of climate change. Just remember that 40 million years ago in Scandinavia, palms grew, however, such a warm climate in northern latitudes, so in those days apparently was not related to industrial emissions …

According to some scholars, the changes in the climate may be associated with changes in the Earth's orbital parameters, with volcanic eruptions, lower and higher solar activity.

Progress and climate disaster

Yet totally deny the impact of emissions of industrial gases on the climate, as do individual scientists, in my opinion, not worth it. Such an effect is, perhaps, as long as it only adds to those or other weather anomalies, but every year the impact of human factors on the climate will increase, so the attempt to limit greenhouse gas emissions — it is very necessary.

Unfortunately, to achieve the unity of all the countries in the issue of limiting emissions is unlikely. Already, politicians and scientists say that the rapidly developing countries such as India and China is likely to agree to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is particularly an issue in 2012 will be the year when the expiry of the Kyoto Protocol. The refusal of some countries to sign a new agreement on reducing emissions can lead to complete failure of attempts to somehow slow down global warming.

The only way out — the search for new sources of clean energy. It's time to give up the oil, gas and coal, the more that their reserves are not infinite. Otherwise civilization could face in the long run not only from the Flood small, but very real climatic apocalypse.

Vitaly Golubev

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