Obama spoke out in defense of gay marriage

Obama spoke out in defense of gay marriageThose in favor of gay marriage, President Barack Obama may have reduced the chances of re-election.

This writes the New York columnist Rusko service Bi-bi-si Vladimir Kozlovsky.

Obama knew that walking on thin ice, and acted on the principle "and our and your". The President said that he is for gay marriage, but emphasized that expresses his own opinion, and the question of legalization should be left to individual states, not the central government.

"Now he says that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry — writes journalist John Cook on the liberal website gawker.com. — But he did not say that they should have the right to do so! This is equivalent to the statement that black and white children should go to the same school, but if the people of Alabama rejected this view, then, okay? "

Cook's note entitled "Statement of Barack Obama on marriages between gays — nonsense." The author recalls that the issue of abortion was also the prerogative of individual states — before they legalized the U.S. Supreme Court.

Cook notes that gay marriage is not recognized in most states.

U.S. President Barack Obama supported the legalization of gay marriage.

The evolution of attitudes

Polls show that about half of Americans tolerant of gay marriage. On the other hand, skeptics are reminded that in recent years, this matter is submitted to the U.S. for a total of 32 of the referendum, and voters consistently argued against the legalization of gay marriage.

Many commentators in the U.S. media say that after a Sunday for gay marriage spoke vice president, and on Monday the Minister of Education, the U.S., Obama had no choice. Obama said that the incident was the culmination of "evolution" of his views on the subject.

They in fact have evolved, though not always in a straight line.

Obama favors gay marriage, when he ran in 1996 in the Illinois Senate from the progressive Chicago District. But in 2004, when Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate and had already secured the support of voters across the state, he said that he was speaking not for gay marriage, and for the so-called "civil unions."

In 2008, the presidential election, when it was necessary to address the voters have the whole country, he said: "I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. I do not accept gay marriage. "

Why he's evolved in a different direction, explained differently. Gay movement activists argue that their pressure has played a role, and the fact that their campaign donations to offset the reduction in donations to Obama from Wall Street.

Others believe that the election headquarters of President guided desire to charge fresh enthusiasm of his supporters, many of whom are disappointed that he is not far away to the left.

Electoral calculations

In March, the Washington Post reported that presidential advisers "are having serious discussions with leading Democrats" over whether Obama speak in favor of gay marriage before the election.

However, according to publicist Elliot Abrams online conservative magazine Weekly Standard, there is no evidence that Obama was going to speak on this subject until Sunday interview Vice President Joe Biden, who said that he saw a man in a marriage with a man or a woman with a woman did special.

The main debate in the U.S. media is now turned around to be hurt if the electoral prospects of the president for his speech on gay marriage, and if so, how much.

Before the vote, a lot of water will flow, say supporters of the president, and his statement in favor of gay marriage is unlikely to affect the outcome of elections.

Others, however, do not rule out that Obama's new position in this matter could hurt him, though, even among some of his loyal supporters — blacks.

"Not worth the illusion that support for gay marriage will cost Obama support of a majority of black voters — writes conservative blogger Bryan Preston. — It will not happen. The outcome of the November elections depends on the economy. But it could cost Obama votes sufficient number of blacks. "

In the Obama camp are hoping that he can make up for the loss of the votes cast by young voters, most of them with favor the same-sex marriage.

But Obama can lose the support of the Hispanic-influenced Catholic Church.

"Latinos who are not so firmly behind Obama and is dismayed that he, in their view, violated the promise immigration reform in the first year of his reign, may receive one more reason a closer look at Romney," — told the Los Angeles Times Whit Ayers, conducting surveys for the Republicans.

Political analysts do not rule out that his statements could push Obama to embrace Romney of the residents of the southern states, especially North Carolina, whose voters this week spoke out against gay marriage.

Others believe that the opponents of gay marriage in any case unlikely to vote for Obama, because the president has not lost anything.

Mark Mardell, Editor of BBC BBC in North America, "President Barack Obama was forced to speak out. There is little doubt that he is a supporter of gay marriage, but the system of "do not ask, do not tell" acted still pretty good.

The journalists did not ask, and he certainly did not.

Members of his campaign staff told me that they really believed that they could not affect this acute problem and get to the night of the election, draped in his view of the continuing vague assurances of "evolution" of his views.

I can not believe that they thought that he could have avoided the issue until November. But there is no doubt that the appearance of his views in the spotlight was not intended to advance.

Of course, if you do not think that the president's candor called Vice President Joe Biden. "

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