Occurred in the Neva Bay ecological disaster

PETERSBURG, August 6. Unknown tanker last night to reset the oil in the waters Neva Bay.

The coastline is dotted with islands Kanonersky black viscous substance. Oil slicks floating on the waters of the Neva Bay, near the Golden Gate, their nails over the dam along the sea channel. According to preliminary data, the unknown ship somehow lost oil.

As the correspondent of "Rosbalt" local people and fishermen, The disaster was one of the tankers, who visited the night in the port of St. Petersburg. Eyewitnesses claim that the ship docked at one of the piers, "Petersburg Oil Terminal" (PNT). Currently under loading in the oil complex are two tankers — "Rova" and «Besictas Scotland».

Version witnesses is questionable, since it is known that oil out of the country, we mostly take out. It is possible that the culprit was one of the disaster tanker "river-sea" that delivers oil from the Middle Volga.

Port services Port of Saint-Petersburg in no hurry to declare emergency plans (oil spill response).

At the moment, no boom is not established.

Earlier, in the mass media have reported that in the waters of the St. Petersburg Sea Port floating oil slick. Alarmed by the St. Petersburg, noticed a strange spot, turned to the news agencies of the city. But, according to the Maritime Rescue Centre, the oil spill in the port was not, it was only a "small distribution of petroleum products."

Photo: © Alexander Kalinin, "Rosbalt" rosbalt.ru

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