Often die from obesity than from hunger



A team of scientists from 50 countries, analyzing the statistical data for 2010 and 1990. Came to the conclusion that because of the diseases associated with obesity, people die three times more than from diseases associated with starvation, media reported.

Obesity leads to premature death. Huge selection of products, their availability has led to the fact that people consume a lot of food, and move less. The number of patients with diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Every year from diseases that accompany obesity kills about 3 million people.

In all countries, except in Africa, a growing rate of obesity. If earlier the main problem has been the concern of how to feed all the hungry, now need to persuade people to restrict your diet.

And in Africa are still children and teenagers die from hunger.

Medicine is developing a growing life expectancy, but at the same time increasing the number of diseases. The most common disease — it is heart attacks and strokes from 4 deaths alone accounted for these diseases.

An increasing number of deaths from alcohol, especially in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Suicide — the leading cause of death among young people in the developed countries of Asia. Violence — the cause of the growth of male deaths in Latin America.

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