Old Russian language

In ancient times, the Slavic-Aryan people, there are four main messages — one for each main genera of the White Race. The oldest of the surviving documents, ie, Santa, were recorded h'Ariyskimi Ancient Runes or runes, as they are called. Ancient Runes is not letters or characters in our modern sense, but a kind of secret images that convey a huge amount of ancient knowledge.
They include dozens of characters to be written by a common feature, which is called heaven. Warning signs and numbers and letters, and individual objects or phenomena — or frequently used, or very important.

In ancient times, runes h'Ariyskaya served as the main base for the creation of simplified forms of writing: the ancient Sanskrit, the Devil and cuts, Devanagari, Norse runes, and more. She along with other writings Slavonic-Aryan birth is also the basis of all modern alphabets, beginning and ending with drevneslovenskogo Cyrillic and Latin. So do not come up with Cyril Methodius with our letter — they have only created one of its convenient options, driven by the need to spread Christianity in the Slavic languages.

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