Oligarchs. The film is banned on TV in Russia! 3 Series

"Oligarchs" — Israeli television three-part film (2004, total duration of 150 minutes), which tells about the fruits of the Great Jewish democratic revolution took place in Russia in the mid-90's, after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
"Working on this film for almost 10 years, the authors write. — The crew consisted of the citizens of Israel and Canada who come to shoot in Russia more than five times. They shot 150 hours of footage, and took hundreds of exclusive interviews with influential politicians and, of course, with the oligarchs who got the lion's share of Russian treasures".
Of course, Jewish writers and directors have not told the whole truth about the dominance of "God's chosen" in the modern "democratic" Russia. However, a close look can be seen in this epic interesting and instructive …

Russian Roulette Part 1

Masters of the Kremlin Part 2


Last Fight Part 3

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