One way

One way

1. All things — is united in One.

No one knows the name of the One, because people call Him by different names.

Being involved in worldly pendulum, they look at things, but do not see the one.

Wise only contemplate the One in all things — the eyes of the One that exists in the heart.

2. The path to the One — the Path of the One.

Other ways to the One does not exist, because wherever you go, thou in the One, and The One is in you.

Do not follow any path — this is truly the One Way.

3. Impossible to have a single, because it does not have anything of what may be the subject of possession.

The uniform embraces everything and is in everything as the essence of all.

Do not you think this is a good lesson for all of us?

4. Talk about the One — is meaningless, because the One can not be expressed in words.

But perhaps something still to be said in order to be heard.

For the one who knows how to listen, not taking anything for granted and not challenging, can hear the noise of the wind echoes of the great storm.

5. He who looks into a small, miss great.

He who pursues great, does not notice the small.

Wise, follow the path of the One, the same is free from these two extremes.

6. Education for the most are the ones who are deprived of true wisdom.

About the Uniform loudly say a comma.

Without philosophizing said Knower, unvarnished said which goes beyond words.

7. If you know that the One ineffable in words, where to find the words which would point to the One?

If you do not depend on things, why refuse them?

If you find a property within Kolovrascheniya of all things, does it matter which way to go?

8. Great hidden in the small.

Manifests itself through a small grand.

Either way can be a way for those who follow the Path of the One.

9. Even a great way to engage in worldly pendulum is nothing more than one of the roads.

Even the roads of the world can not run out of the path of those who follow the Path of the One.

For the One Way — this way, free from the "walking", if you know what there talking about.

Veda — enough.

Glory Rod!

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