Organ trafficking in Kosovo: details

EULEX chief prosecutor arrived in Belgrade, where he intends to proceed with the investigation of the criminal trade in human organs …

Belgrade newspaper "Evening News" reported on October 24 that the chief prosecutor of EULEX (European police and civilian mission in Kosovo and Metohija), arrived in Belgrade, where he intends to open an investigation on the criminal trade in human organs in Kosovo. Serbia will give evidence, but would like the investigation led the UN Security Council.

For the first time data on organ seized by the Serbs, Albanians and Roma were released by Carla Del Ponte, a few years ago. However, bureaucratic delays and outright lobbying prevented open investigation: look, in the literal sense of the words, as "neigh" French diplomacy chief Bernard Kouchner at the mention of the "yellow house" in order to understand that in the case of trafficking in human organs involved are too high international officials with Kosovo, not to mention the terrorists of the Kosovo Liberation Army, who replaced guns at European-style dress. "Yellow House" is a scary place where bad people were taken away from the living bodies.

Thus, the investigation of organ trafficking begins. For this purpose, a special group of EULEX chief American John Clint Williamson, arrived in Belgrade, where he was delayed for a few days to meet with the families of victims, witnesses and representatives of the Serbian judiciary.

After this investigation will begin officially, a preliminary phase which EULEX began on January 27. As it became known to journalists, the investigation team is fully formed, it is made up of experienced prosecutors, investigators, and is in constant contact the Special Representative of the Council of Europe Dick Marty, who has made a report on the organ trafficking.

Serbian Ambassador to the UN Feodor Starcevic said that Serbia will not give up the investigation under the auspices of the UN, but the process is blocked, as we call them, international vampires — the U.S., France and Britain.

Starcevic hopes to go into action in December, when the UN Security Council headed by Russia.

Michael Yambao


In Kosovo, the cannibals in Afghanistan drugs, and in Libya, what will happen?

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