Our fear — food for the vast army of parasites

April 5, 2012 7:32

We often talk about the "epidemic of violence".
And when we say this, then automatically declared themselves victims of man-made disasters, to which nothing is impossible.
And in fact it is impossible — once we do have recorded a sacrifice, to being depressed, humiliated, slave.
But then, I admit: we are sick is not violence. We are sick with fear.

Our fear — food for the vast army of parasites from the seller to the cad-cad from the corridors of power. And between them — stoned teenagers, hooligans, thugs, police, street girls, doctors with dirty tools, petty bureaucratic thing, bums and stupid from a neighboring savings bank — not the number of scum that feeds our fear.
Drive out fear — meant to deprive parasites feed and destroy them. How?

 Published articles — not the answer. This is an invitation to the general thinking. Fond attention natures — do not miss two limiting points. First, "to what extent walk", where the line between fear and destructive fear, that person may be saved. Second, solid knowledge of the commandments of safe behavior is necessary in any case, since the transition to a new quality — the image of confidence.

Russian proverb says: "Not the lost, who got in trouble, and he was gone, the spirit of those who fell." Similar sayings difficult to detect among the sayings of any people in the collections of the works of almost every philosopher, statesman and military leader.

Of course, the presence of mind to greatly increase the chances of saving a man in extreme situations — during disasters, natural disasters and wars. Is the quality of the natural or it can be brought up?

Try to understand what it means to "presence of mind" in the things of the world, in small letters, the meaning of the word. In memory primarily come three examples of the behavior of people in an emergency, one-fifty, another five hundred years ago, the third — most recently.

A nightmare during the fighting in the Pacific during World War II for the American airmen and sailors were sharks. Survive a dogfight or a torpedo attack was, according to veterans, is much easier than to rock the boat or on a raft in the hot tropical sun, and guess who will appear before a rescue ship or black fin. Pedantic Yankees collected a huge amount of data on cases of shark attacks on single individuals and groups of sailors that survived the sinking of their ship, have spent considerable resources to search all possible means to combat sea robbers. Tested chemicals, presumably suitable for repelling sharks, various weapons, but most importantly — Makes recommendations on the behavior of people at risk.

Once it became almost complete ineffectiveness of chemicals, and the ability, for example, the great white shark without apparent displeasure move headshot bullets full clips Army Colt caliber 11.43 mm, the focus is on understanding the key question: what attracts sharks to the potential victim ?

Scientists have come to the paradoxical conclusion that the main attraction always hungry predator is not the smell of blood, and certainly not look unusual for oceanic desert items — rescue rafts or inflatable vests hanging in bipeds. Had to assume that there is an "emanation of fear," released by humans. Physical media this emanation — hypothetical substance that the body produces panicked man — has not been set, but the conclusions of the Americans later confirmed divers Cousteau team, enough to pull about "white killers" and the works of experts studying centuries-old experience of traditional cultures divers for pearls.

But what a story happened a few years ago with one Odessa sailor. In the Indian Ocean at night the guy went out to smoke in the stern and fell overboard. Vessel was on its way, unaware of the loss. Sailor swam after the boat. He soon noticed around the fins of sharks. There were many, they walked in circles around the Soviet sailor. After the newspaper "Izvestia" published an article, entitled "Nine o'clock in the ring sharks" …

Indeed, nine hours continued their marathon guy. By morning, the crew discovered that no sailor, — the ship turned back to find him. Unbelievable, but he was found and rescued!

Journalists asked how he felt himself surrounded by sharks.

— Why be afraid? One swims up close, and I yelled, "Now, bitch, like the ladies in his ugly face!" She — time ago. Another nearer, I yell: "I will bl … her own devour every last one!". And so it went. I was just starting to doze off, they are the closest fit. And I might send them to the … — they are back, afraid, bitches. "

That's the story. The guy was a simple, no complexes. Through it a certain boldness, naplevatelstvo on everyone and everything.

Our scientists have concluded similar to those of the Americans, "a brave man afraid of everything — people and animals. Especially animals. Apparently, in the body of a brave person develops any particular matter, and the animals feel the smell and fear him. The Sharks went in circles around his "dinner", but dinner scare them …

Now prevailing ideas about the energy-information exchange allows you to bind these examples with the case were among the legends of the masters of Japanese Budo. Cold autumn night lame soldier tried to overcome one of the thick forest-covered mountain passes of Kai — domain Prince Takeda. This was the future chief adviser to the prince and his best general Yamamoto Kannotsuke. In the thicket of samurai is expected to meet with a pack of hungry wolves. The first impulse was the intention of the master blade sever picks closer gray predators. But brought up from childhood a deep respect for the sword — the shrine of a medieval member of the Japanese warrior caste — made Kannotsuke release handle. Offending animal blood samurai sword would not, however, get out of the deadly situation was necessary.

Soldiers came to the aid of Kiai — the art of managing the internal energy, secret technique, cultivated in traditional Japanese schools of Budo. Clutching his thumbs in his hands by the "clenched" Kannotsuke squared his shoulders, stood up and limped toward the wolves. Bewitched way manifested power, pouring outward flow of energy, the animals sat on their tails and did not dare to attack an unusual man.

As with any art, has the potential to reveal the inner man, Kiai-up is based on a few simple axioms. Here they are: A person has a certain amount of universal energy ki (Japanese reading of the Chinese term "qi"), and is a full participant in the chain of energy Sky — Man — Earth. Each individual human action, every spiritual movement or thought permeated ki. Concentrating and distributing ki, consciously using it in any kind of activity, a person is able to significantly improve their progress. Naturally, the most important thing was for the samurai combat use of ki — and as a means of destruction, and as a means of resuscitation of the wounded and shell-shocked. It should confuse or interrupt the flow of his ki in making a stroke or a block, the initiative goes to the opponent. It should be put into an arrow by the fullness of his being — it pronizhet and double armor and a stone cliff.

Any Samurai trained to manage their and others' ki. Strictly speaking, the name of the art Kiai-up means "Way of Unity ki", perhaps — his opponent's ki and energy. Of course, such an association in the Japanese sense and means the control, management, vladenie.Razvitoe ki was the key to invincibility in battle, endurance hike, sturdy constitution during epidemics.

Similar schools existed and exist not only in Japan. And the only, perhaps, the difference Kiai-up and similar to it in the concept, but it is much more popular modern martial art of Aiki-to from other esoteric systems of the East and the West is that the Japanese do not speak about the accumulation of internal energy, and the constant outpouring his ki without.

Modern man to pay attention to the following axioms Kiai-to-fear confuses your ki, and the penetration of the external flow subjects you will of another. Using this traditional oriental conceptual system, is easy to explain what happens to a man who got into an extreme situation.

Numbness, dry throat, "cotton" hand and foot, and grown into the ground, the emptiness in my head — a state of panic that gripped the whole being located a dangerous man — the typical symptoms of "tangled" ki. Thus, the state of mind directly affects the ability to react to a threat — to fight back, to escape, or at least in the case to answer came up to you in a dark alley citizen.

The second aspect of the problem — the influence of the presence of mind to radiation outside his or involvement in self-stream. Having lost their composure, people inevitably subject to the will of another, called the external ki. Resulting in a potential well, sooner or later introduced alien force, and the ability to fill the void it on the physical level is equivalent to the invitation to attack.

That is the unmistakable sense of emptiness predators — wolves and sharks, as well as predators of the world people — criminals. State of emptiness, lack of vitality and freedom, in which the victim of gangsters isolated street crowd, in the language of modern experts on survival in a concrete jungle called victimization. Victimology, it is the science of the behavior of the victim, may shed light on many mysteries, to explain what is guided by a street mugger or rapist when selecting victims.

Eminent American expert in the field, Professor Betty Grayson by a series of studies showed that the offender takes an average of seven seconds for visual assessment of the potential object of attack — its physical training, temperament, and the like, exactly, though unconsciously, the offender is placed on all uncertain glance languid posture , timid movements, mental depression, disability, fatigue — all you will play into his hands.

To identify and classify the main personality traits of a potential victim, Grayson filmed on video hundreds of pedestrians with disabilities, people belonging to different age-tion and social groups recording was demonstrated prisoners serving time in U.S. prisons various assumptions researchers have confirmed the vast majority of prisoners who have been interviewed individually selected from the extras of the same people who, in their opinion, would be easy prey.

As a result of mathematical analysis revealed that the potential victim criminals often produce some distinctive features of the movement, this may be their general lack of coordination, clumsy gait — too sweeping or mincing, which draws attention to the background of a single human flow.

And Dr. Joel Kirch, a sports psychologist and founder of the American Sports Institute, along with his associate George Leonard summed up this work, the two generalized categories of people, the so-called "at risk" and those who are at little risk to attack. The first can be called Lanky they do not physically organized, relaxed and uncollected mentally. Second confident, as they say, they look and tread firmly.

To those people who feel at-risk, first recommend carefully consider myself gait, gestures, facial expressions, and do their correction. Make myself confident style of conduct and follow it among street crowd can any aggressor seeking a passive victim Do not look so — go leisurely pace of one who knows her worth and is ready to stand on his own. Confidently head up, look straight calm allow you to create a psychological shield, the batter first, grope trying to enroll you in a potential victim.

But be did not seem the same. You can look impossibly cool, make the appropriate clothes, facial expression, color tattoos and a car "for men who are not accustomed to feel second," but any dog, the more professional dushevedy — criminals — instantly realize that apart from this man ponta nothing Bandits knowingly nazyayut wolves — interpersonal relationships in their environment very similar to the dynamic, constantly renewed balance of power in the pack of gray predator situation in which one word or action could fundamentally change the status of man in the complex, but understandable to all members of the hierarchy, forcing them to pays special attention not only to their own actions, but also to the slightest movements of the soul tints more a result not even the most prominent people of this subculture instantly distinguish false, doublethink.

Inner strength and organically connected with it a sense of vulnerability, security is that it is impossible to simulate Therefore, a person who does not wish to get out of a difficult situation more difficult, we must first clearly understand — how far he can get, upholding received image.

Understand what you actually have, — then take the first step to a new strength and new opportunities. Aura security will become real protection only when you can save it and outside the cabin armored car.

Vladimir Katin

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