Pakistan Navy — Frigate F-22P class «Zulfiquar»

Ships of the class «Zulfiquar» potroeny in China for the armed forces of Pakistan. The contract price of 750 million dollars was signed in 2005. According to the agreement, the Chinese «CSTC» was to build three frigates general purpose «F-22P» and transfer technology of construction of this class of ship to Pakistan for its construction of the 4th instance of this class of ships.

Three ships of F-22P with the names «Zulfiquar», «Shamsheer» and «Saif» have already been built (Chinese rope of «Hudong Zhonghua») and transferred to the Pakistani Navy. China in the framework of the creation of the frigates of this class also gave Pakistan 6 copies of the helicopter deck «Z-9EC».

Pakistan Navy - Frigate F-22P class «Zulfiquar»

Steel for the 4th ship series F-22P Pakistani buildings have started to cut the spring of 2009. Keel laying ceremony held at the end of the year. Frigate with the title «Aslat» snaps into operation of naval forces of Pakistan estimated in 2013. It was also clear about the ability of the next batch of orders ships of this class in the quantity of 4 ships. Negotiations on such abilities began in 2007. But on this day, the contract for the new four-class frigate «Zulfiquar» hitherto not been signed, the construction of the ships so far not been started.

The history of the creation of the F-22P ships
The possibility of building ships of the PRC for the Pakistani Navy open a discussion with the 90s of the last century. But to sign the full package of documents for the construction of frigates for the Pakistan Navy general purpose could only spring of 2006. The treaty right is indicated on the graphs of construction financing and technology transfer to Pakistan. Transfer 3 frigates took place 30.07.2009, the year 23.01.2010 and 15.12.2010 of the year. These three frigates were laid and built at the Shanghai shipyard «Hudong Zhonghua», the last one — fourth frigate, laid 16.06.2011 year and will graduate in 2013, construction on the Pakistani Karachi Shipyard. According to the agreements, China has put 6 helicopter deck type «Z-9EC» for weapons and ammunition ships.

Head frigate «PNS Zulfiquar» lowered the stocks in the spring of 2008, the transfer of the Pakistani Navy was accomplished at the end of July 2009. When going to Pakistan, «PNS Zulfiquar» paid a friendly visit and entered the Malaysian port of Klang in August 2009, on a friendly visit «PNS Zulfiquar» next visited the port of Colombo (Sri Lanka), first of September. September 12 frigate arrives in Karachi, Pakistan, where he accomplished the commissioning ceremony of the year 19.09.2009. Subsequent frigate «PNS Shamsheer» launched from the slipway Shanghai shipyard in October 2008. The commissioning ceremony held at the Chinese shipyard, after which frigate a day or four arrived in Pakistan. The last one — third ship «PNS Saif» Chinese construction gave Pakistani navy 15.09.2009 year. According to statements made by the commander of the Navy, Admiral N.Bashiru Pakistan, Pakistan wants to increment the number of Navy ships with new ships, perhaps, it is about the projects F-22P/ F-23P. Discussion of such capacity building ships for the Pakistan Navy China began in 2007.

The device design and armament F-22P
During the construction of the body used to reduce radar detection technology used in the construction of Chinese ships of 054 (such as stealth technology). The development reduces the possibility of finding a frigate radar mounted on ships and planes of the enemy. Apart from this, reduced the possibility of clear guidance and target lock RCC. Armament of the frigate — naval gun, 76.2 mm of the "AK-176M", which is a modification of the Chinese Russian universal gun mount. The main difference between the Chinese modification gun mount — Tower redesigned to reduce radar detection. Appointment of guns — lung damage enemy ships, aircraft, drones and anti-ship missiles. Before the gun mount has two six-barrel launchers «RDC-32" anti destination.

Pakistan Navy - Frigate F-22P class «Zulfiquar»

Missiles ship anti-ship missile C-802 (eight units) installed in 2 to 4 launchers in each unit. Launchers are installed between the foremast and the pipe. PU are comparable with antiship missiles, and they may be installed anti-ship missiles or submarines.

Pakistan Navy - Frigate F-22P class «Zulfiquar»

For air / missile defense complex used «FM-90N» (Hongqi-7) with eight missiles such as "surface-to-air." «Hongqi-7" is set between the gun mount and the control room. Anti-aircraft system can counteract several purposes, such as low-flying anti-ship missiles or aerial vehicles (UAVs) at a distance of 6 km, the airplanes and helicopters up to 12 km. Anti-aircraft artillery system «CIWS» — 730V type, installed on the hangar. Consists of a 2-twin barrel 30 mm 7 installations such as «gatling» and frigate «F-22P» first with that installation. Kompelks vlyuchaet radar «Type 347G» electro-optical sensors «OFC-3 'and detectors. «CIWS» can be upgraded and instead of 30 mm twin-missile systems to get the type «FL-3000N» contemporary performance (shot and forgot).

Pakistan Navy - Frigate F-22P class «Zulfiquar»

ASW helicopter Z-9EC equipped with radar, retractable sonar. Has a warning system and navigation. Can carry on the suspension starboard one torpedo. It can be used for missile guidance C-802 at great distances.

The main features:
— displacement of 2.5 thousand tons;
— length of 123 meters;
— width of 13.8 meters;
— draft 3.7 m;
— power plant «CODAD»;
— speed up to 54 km / h;
— the range of the 7.5 thousand kilometers;
— crew of 170 people;
— additional weapons: torpedoes — 2×3 «ET-52C»; LHP — 2 × 6-cell RDC-32;
— ships of the project F-22P: PNS Zulfiquar tail number 251; PNS Shamsheer tail number 252; PNS Saif tail number 253; PNS Aslat tail number 254.

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