Patients are like firewood stacked in dilapidated houses on the ragged mattresses

Almost all of the Company's letters that we receive in these days of October, with the subject matter of the presidential elections in Belarus. The election campaign comes amid fierce information war between Alexander Lukashenko and the masters of the Kremlin. And it is fundamentally distinguishes it from those elections, which took place in the country for five or ten years ago.

However, many of our students believe that the mechanism of counting votes, which was tested repeatedly over the years without failure to act now. Nicholas Chibis from the village Kozlovschina Dyatlovo district, from a letter which will begin today's discussion, said that the main fraud occur during the many days of early voting compulsory. The listener writes:

"With the Election Commission call and report to the director: your Ivanovsky, Sidorevich, Petrov did not vote. Razbyarytsesya. Well, the director and understands: Causes and ordered to immediately go to the polling station.'s How we do cattle. But where to go, do not go — chase from work. Now, with the contract system, it is very easy to do.

What is it doing with that box for early voting in the evening or at night, God only knows. Later, however, for some reason it turns out that almost everyone who voted in advance, supported by the power, Lukashenko. Such are the wonders. In the primary election day can be as much as observers, supervisors: the case has already been done. Yes, influential circles in advance sociologists will take care ozvuchat nowhere taken ultra high rating, which miraculously coincide with the figures, which eventually will call the Central Election Commission. And it all: elegant political scam took place. Fourth time.

Fair presidential elections in Belarus are possible only when there is a mass deception of early voting, if the ballot-boxes will have full control of independent observers, 24 hours a day.

In the meantime, no changes should not wait. Maybe the children will come to the area. Yes, just what and whom they prove? Especially before Christmas in December. His Majesty the frost will drive them faster than any riot ".

Perhaps, Nikolai Ivanovich, what happens everything is exactly as you described. At least, it was for such a scenario Belarusian elections were taught for the past sixteen years. Many people are quite disappointed, do not trust anyone and do not intend to take part in a simulated voting. But there are others who are aware of: no one from the West or from the East democracy and freedom Belarusians will bring. There are forces in society in order to show the power of their will, unwillingness to continue to tolerate this state of affairs — and then be held in the state changes.

Subject elections care and social activists Minsk Valeria Gricuk. In his letter to the "freedom", he writes:

"A lot of work for a democratic Belarus as a defender of human rights, so I have not much time. But still found a moment to write a few words about the start of the election campaign (or rather, the play entitled" Election "). I also thought to try to become so called "candidate." But immorality inherent power and, unfortunately, society, as a rotten, climbed, and still in the ranks of the Democrats. I can not write about it in detail because they do not want to help the dictatorship, Lukashenko government. It has infected the whole of Belarus immorality and limited only inhabitants of animals needs. Oh, and in addition showed the goals that many now seek to "apartment, car, Turkey."

In this election, the power to repeat the previous scenario. That is, the total falsification will be applied. Maybe only allow the second act of the play, the second round will leave Lukashenko and Haidukevich. On January 2, the people still do not have time to pratsverazets, so no problems. Again, Belarusians will lose the chance of that, "to be called people".

During a recent scandalous press conference for Russian regional journalists Alexander Lukashenko announced the result, which he would like to get in this election — 75 percent support. Knowing what system of government established in Belarus, as are formed and operate election commissions, very small chance that the final figure, which will announce the 19th of December, the Central Election Commission, will be smaller than the one that called Lukashenko. So, hope for the second round is actually no.

Well, this time Haidukevich name on the ballot, as is known, never will.

Children's doctor Igor asleep from Vitebskin — one of those our many listeners who responded to the death of opposition journalist Oleg Bebenina. In discussing the possible reasons for the drama, Igor wrote:

"It is unlikely that the government is directly involved in this death. But we all know that in today's Belarus created a powerful device is very hard psychological pressure. Humiliation opponent, destroying his mind, bringing to suicide — all this works.

Here I am, a simple children's doctor, two years ago, authorities said, enough is enough of this show. Stop lying, if we have any regional hospital — at the current level, if there are nested trillions of rubles. Even here in the regional center of medicine lies in ruins. Stroke patients in the 2nd city hospital, which is popularly called the "Valley of Death" are in conditions comparable only to that of the gulag. "Infektsyenka" children's therapy, therapy "first aid" — all in ruins. And this time sing the praises of glory, bought some new equipment. Help hundreds. And at this time, not receiving basic care, kill thousands.

My bosses provoked, frightened nepadavzhennem contract, threatened that crazy announce — wrote in his letter to the "Freedom" Igor asleep from Vitebsk. — Instead of settling for admission to the governor (standing in a queue and a half years) received an invitation to a mental hospital. As a psychiatrist by training, I told them, smiling, looking into his eyes: "I am very much willing to psychiatrist and was diagnosed with a pathological desire for power, panic and fear of losing her." That is why the silent everything from major medical to the highest officials of the regional medicine.

Was at all three stages of verification by the Administration to work with the citizens. Directly related how they behave. But in the end everything again flown to ablzdrav. And patients are still lying as firewood, stacked, in dilapidated houses on the ragged mattresses.

Forced to close for repairs medustanov part by spending an additional 50 billion rubles. They promised to report back to help the president. But I doubt it. Although in his last letter to the Minister of Health, I invited him to "Valley of Death" instead of window-dressing to please the president of the 160 modern hospitals. I'll get the president to know the truth. Although more doubt that he does not know what is really happening in our land as his henchmen break people on the ground, ukatvayuchy them in asphalt, leading to the edge ".

Not the first time, Igor, announced on air chronicling your individual struggle for justice, for decent conditions for patients, against an all-out ostentation and extravagance. I am sure that it is a struggle — not lost, no matter how hopeless it may seem to many. And if at the beginning of October in the official media flashed a message that the government decided to reconstruct the Vitebsk Regional Oncology Center and build a new outpatient center, I was immediately reminded of your letters to "Freedom" with a story about how purposefully over the past years have you worked to ensure that state Money invested in hospitals and clinics, rather than mass and ambulatory farbavanne faca

Next, the last letter in today's review — from Nikolai Rybakov from the village of Kopys Orsha District. After hearing the state media about the success of the domestic agricultural and consumer cooperatives, the listener himself decided to contribute to the food security of the native state. What was the result? Nikolai Rybakov writes:

"I go to the village shop Kopys Orsha spazhyvtavarystva. I see many warning that taking the population: white fungus 10 thousand rubles, honey by 3000, 850 rubles potatoes, etc. Well, I decided to hand over the bag of garlic. useful, healthy product. Besides, they say, very well ward off the devil. in the shop told me to call to Orsha — no team can not take out. Well, the command was given. But still need help, I have the infield that garlic grown itself.

Interested in: "Can such a simple question to solve without the bureaucratic red tape?"

"It can be — say. — But then calculate the tax — 12 percent." The hell with it, I would have agreed. But it turns out, pay me on the spot, they are not collected. Money will not know when.

Sellers are not very keen to take possible more agricultural products from the population. Like it or not, and the salary is the same — 300,000. Frankly, I've lost my hunting spazhyvtavarystvu sell something.

Now I am not surprised that spazhyvtavarystva working without profit, and people are killed, most crop of apples and other fruits and vegetables. The answer is simple: people have turned to the one place — that you have.

Perhaps it is necessary to appoint the chairman of spazhyvtavarystva Jew? Then, suddenly, the change will ".

I think Nikolai Ivanovich, it's not about nationality chairman spazhyvtavarystva, but in the principles of the system. Spazhyvtavarystvy — a virtual monopoly in the trade in the village. So it has been since the Soviet era. Individual entrepreneurs, which are mounted to compete syalpovskim shops face severe pressure from local authorities. We have been told many times in its broadcast of such cases. Be solved, for example, owner-driver to bring bread from the capital's bakery — and it unleashed sanitation center, police, tax authorities to cease trading. After all, its bread tastes better and cheaper than a local who sells shop spazhyvkaaperatsyi. Officials with the refer to the fact that they are defending the interests of the local bakery, local commerce and local budgets. And the fact that the local people ultimately have to pay for it out of their own pockets, receiving poor quality and expensive commodity in the calculation for some reason is not taken.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk -5, one hundred and eleventh Mailbox

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