Patriarch Kirill reported to the U.S. that Ukraine is not ready for NATO membership

The question of relations between Ukraine and NATO, American ambassadors discussed with Patriarch Kirill and the Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Thus, U.S. Ambassador to Russia William Burns touched on this issue in April 2008, during his meetings, as evidenced by the documents published on the website Wikileaks.

"Solzhenitsyn was critical about plans approximation of Ukraine to NATO, but he did not develop the theme," — the document says.

Cyril was even tougher than Solzhenitsyn, covering topics of NATO expansion.

"Ukraine" not ready "and membership in NATO could cause a split among the citizens of Ukraine and create instability in eastern Europe, he added," — the document says.

When the ambassador wrote about meeting with Solzhenitsyn, the text was written, "Solzhenitsyn was Jin Natalia, who closely followed the conversation, and objected to her husband, when they believed it necessary."

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