Pavlovian Republic


Please tell me, is it true that on the territory of Belarus was once located dwarf state like Monaco, San Marino and Andorra?

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Duchyts a bit fantastic, but this country is in our past really existed. And it was not some phoney ephemera, and the state with all its attributes. History is more than half a century, she measured out. I would not like to use the epithet "the dwarf." In a way, that the state was for its time, even significant.

Since this is a republic, more correct to compare it not with a constitutional monarchy — the Principality of Monaco, and both times with Andorra and San Marino to their republican tradition.

The history of our mini-state is inseparably linked with the name of Count Paul Xavier Brzostowski (Berastovskaga), who served in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania do not anyhow-what positions the great clerk and spiritual referendaryya.

It seemed that I would live the Count himself, as befits people of this state, and desperate. But no. Someone ordered to sprinkle in their possessions road salt and rolled on him with her lover on a sleigh pulled by bears. And Paul Xavier studied the questionable works of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's utopia of his countrymen Henri Saint-Simon and Charles Fourier, and in addition also the Englishman Thomas More. All over the fact that in 1767 Bzhestovsky obsessed with creating a just society. First — in his estate of any given Merkinė on Vilenschina.

The estate was declared a republic. While affluent neighbors, mentioning Brzostowski, twisted fingers at the temples, he freed the peasants from serfdom and gave the legislature dvyuhpalatnamu peasant diet, and executive — "Ministry", the head of which were also farmers. All questions Sejm democratically decided by majority vote. To start unanimously voted to rename Merache in Pavlovsk. Likewise, she just born republic was in honor of the "father" name — Pavlov.

Despite the accusations of madness, the Count made by the Sejm of Poland acceptance of the constitution (charter) of their republic. Each of its citizens received land and equal rights, including the right to be elected to any office until the presidential. However, the last opportunity to Pavlovtsy was purely nominal, as grateful to the deputies approved Brzostowski president for life.

Country (Officially it was called Pavlovsk Rzeczpospolita) had a school, a hospital and a bank, not to mention its own flag, coat of arms and money. Protects sovereignty was an army with a distinctive shape. In case of danger convened Commonwealth militia. Near the village is a republic built a fortress with Arsenal and guns on the defensive ramparts.

Andorra had their own, but do not save.

When the rebellion broke out of Tadeusz Kosciuszko, the armed forces of the state prainspektavav colonel himself Jakub Jasinski, commander of the insurgents in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. (Needless to say, that once supported the Pavlovian Republic kastsyushkavtsav?) Inspector praised the weaponry and fighting spirit of a small army.

They were not playing zhavnerykav. After a few days of Pavlov already stormed the Russian punitive. Two attacks were repulsed, and managed to occupy the republic is in a month.

In 1795 m-Lithuania-Belarus finally became part of the Russian Empire, which dominated unlimited absolutism. An ardent Republican Paul Xavier Bzhestovsky was forced to sell the estate, but led to the new owner of the preservation of the constitution of Pavlovsk. Unbelievable, but true: Petersburg look at the existence of the Republic through his fingers. This is all the more surprising when you consider that Catherine II began to shake with a single word "constitution". Apparently, my mother, the Empress, and then her son Paul and grandson of Alexander II just do not dare to disturb such "small things".

Whatever it was, Pavlov republic survived until 1824 when the St. Petersburg demanded eradicate sedition and forget about all sorts of liberties and the "constitution."

In short, had his Andorra, but did not save.

And if you imagine that Pavlovian Republic was up to 1994 the first? As if her life was in Belarus? Or dug to the frontier posts, or would occur gas and milk wars? Or throwing a bottle Pavlovtsy with "Molotov cocktails" in the embassy of the brotherly country?

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