People who can become invisible

May 26, 2012 10:57

In 1897, there was one of the most famous novels of English science fiction writer HG Wells — "The Invisible Man." Based on the novel filmed a lot of movies, including in Russia. Seemingly invisible — blatant fiction that is incompatible with reality. But is it?

It all started with a banal theft in a supermarket, which planned the fall of 1998 some teenagers in Minneapolis (USA). They wanted to test whether they can pull off something and hide. Failed, the supervisors were detained, call the police. And from that moment, a party failed robbery named Dzhennis was something strange happens.

When a would-be car thieves drove to the police station, teen escorted inside, placed in a row at the wall in the room attendant, who questioned them one by one. All except Dzhennis. Moreover, no one paid any attention to it — no duty, no guards, no staff. Associates, including its associates, behaved as if she was not here. Slightly recovered from the surprise, Dzhennis decided to test his feeling. She left the room and walked down the hall to the exit to the street. No one asked her any questions and did not try to detain her.

Later, when Dzhennis discussed past events with partners failed raid, they wondered what occurred no less than she did. According to them, they do not remember that she was captured along with them, and were sure that she was able to get lost among the buyers. When Dzhennis insisted that the supermarket it was pushed into the police car with the others, it is only looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders …
These cases the concerned therapist Donna Higbee, studying the paranormal. She realized that Dzhennis really became invisible, though not spared any effort and do not even know about it. It turned out that in this state it is with the moment when the police showed up at the store, and until his release from police custody.

From conversations with colleagues American researcher has learned about a number of such incidents, however, none of their party did not stay invisible for as long as Dzhennis. Higbee placed in several popular magazines, and the Internet address to the readers to inform her of when they or people known to them for a time became invisible. And information began to flow.

Around them do not see

A resident of the city of Ventura, California, said that she once while in the mail, addressed a question to the employee, but he did not seem to see or hear it. The reaction of his colleagues was exactly the same. Moreover, in a similar way to behave and visitors, for them it kind of does not exist.
Another correspondent wrote from Roanoke, Texas, that "fits" the invisibility it happened more than once in the restaurant and at the airport. And another Texan, of Fort Worth, said a few times obviously lost sight of the others in the movie theater and a cafe. Letters of this content came from all over the world: from Brazil, Australia, Puerto Rico.

Of course, in most cases examined by Donna Higbee, lacked independent witnesses, but, because of the specificity of this phenomenon, its hard to expect eyewitnesses.

Almost everyone with whom they associate researcher, were people completely normal and balanced, and they gave the impression of authentic stories. Moreover, some of them, like the young thief Dzhennis, became invisible in the situation where the incident could witness the rest of the events.

Excursion into history

Studies Donna Higbee found written documents that established the long history of this mysterious phenomenon.

One of the oldest literary texts that mention of invisibility, was Sanskrit texts Upanishads — theological treatises VII-III centuries BC. There, in particular, describes how to achieve a state of siddhi — being with limitless magical powers, including the ability to become invisible.

Belief in the possibility of gaining invisibility by training the mind, the practice of shamanism, or art of black magic characterized the culture of the Australian Aborigines, American Indians and Eskimos. Be invisible, or at least get as imperceptibly taught from ancient times Japanese spies and saboteurs — ninja.

In China, the first mention of the phenomenon of invisibility refer to the period of the Wei dynasty, that is, the years 477-517 AD. Chinese chroniclers say that in those days on the streets appeared invisible pranksters who … cut people pigtails. And after a thousand years of history to repeat itself. In 1876, in Nanjing, Shanghai and other Chinese cities made similar cases of hooliganism invisible.
It is believed that in medieval Europe, the secret of invisibility possessed members of the "Brotherhood of the Freemasons" — Freemasons — and close to it, "Brotherhood of the cross and roses" — the Rosicrucians.

Donna Higbee believes that cases of spontaneous transformation of people into temporary invisible — it is a real fact, and continues to search for a rational explanation of this mysterious phenomenon.

The St. Petersburg journalist Elena Zhuravleva spring of 2002 brought together the stories of his fellow countrymen, who are either themselves unexpectedly turned into the invisible, or witnessed such incidents. These stories were published, in particular, the newspaper "Change." The real names of the characters call the journalist did not. Here are two cases from its collection.

Student "hare"

Sophomore Faculty of Literature and Arts of St. Petersburg University (called Constantine) a year ago was pleased to see his name in the list of applicants who were to begin classes on September 1. However, a happy mood did not last long. The very next day the bones stole all the money. Ask for help from his parents would not let conscience — and so they have put on the table all of their savings, equipping son Peter.

And before the first scholarship was still a whole month. Fortunately, food Kostya prudent reserve. Cereals, pasta and other basic commodities had had enough. Transport was a problem: he had to go every day to Peterhof, where the faculty.
Newfound student decided to rely on Russian and maybe try to be a "rabbit."

And so it began incredible. Supervisors, which literally swarmed the train, fined people right and left, past the bones were the same as if it had never existed. More — more. When Constantine was passing through the checkpoint dorm janitor, he did not even raise his head. And classmates noticed it only when he talked with them, with the view they had a confused, as if the source has just materialized in front of them.

In such a state poluprizrachnom Constantine remained for a month. And then came the day of issuance of scholarship in his pocket rustling notes, and the whole phantasmagoria magically stopped. The first controller on which Costa ran in the train, where the habit got no ticket, fined him to the full. And then, despite all efforts, the Coast never again able to drive "hare."

The case of the President

A colleague Elena Zhuravleva (let it be Nicholas) in 2001 could be among the few foreign journalists invited to the inauguration of U.S. President George W. Bush. But remember, this event is not Nicholas so much so that he was in company of VIP-persons, how many strange events that occurred in his eyes.

In the midst of the ceremony went to the president of a nondescript small man of middle age. None of the numerous guards and did not think to stop him — it seemed all of them suddenly fell asleep with his eyes open. From his stupor security came only after the little man shook Bush's hand, gave him a souvenir, and slowly walked away.

It was enough to look at one of complete bewilderment and confusion face guards to understand any documents authorizing the president to come and share with him a handshake, a mysterious visitor was not. But Nicholas was even more surprised when standing next to an American colleague told him in a whisper that last inauguration, the same thing happened. The same man somehow found myself next to Bill Clinton, and also shook his hand.

"Secrets of the twentieth century» № 20 May 2012

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