Peru: Puno on the ground there are huge cracks



Panic seized nearly 200 residents of the rural community Tuni Requena (Tuni Requena), Tarak (Huancané), where agricultural land cracks.

Although cracks discovered about two years ago, had been destroyed by erosion and by the peasants themselves, there are still faults in the earth that can not be found, and it bothers people, who believe that the crack may be uncovered at any time, leading to sudden death as humans and livestock.


From this point of view, the vice-governor of the community, Sakachipana Iukra Alejandro (Alejandro Sacachipana Yucra), demanded the presence of professionals in the area (geologists), because of the growing fear of a crack, as we are assured residents that some time ago exhaled gas (smelling blood) deterrent cattle.

"The crack extension was previously a hundred meters, over time, gradually thicken and rain disappeared … But, there are still holes that create fear in the area because of possible landslides …" — said Lucretia Cevallos Kondori.


Meanwhile, Timoteo Molina Pandey, a local resident, said that the depth of the crack has never been measured, being another factor that creates anxiety among local residents, who are treated with some suspicion by the appearance of such formations in the earth.


In the end, the director of the school community Chokekalyata Juan Mamani, pointed out that this opening is still a serious danger to children who swarm in the field, and requires the presence of experts in this field.

Translation: Alex Crete

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