Petition in support of Native Faith Slavs in Russia

The site Demokrator, Commonwealth Slavic sites created theme recognizing Native Faith in the Russian Federation at the state level. The public is invited to vote in favor of this initiative to link to the full text article.

The objectives of this treatment are:

1. Make a choice to our children in schools Native Faith ancestors, along with other religious confessions, subject of the current Russian Federation legislation on freedom of religion, the text of which is shown on the main page of this topic. Every person should have the right to choose Native Faith ancestors in any public school of the Russian Federation, without hindrance from the authorities and administration of a particular region.

2.Imet opportunity to celebrate holidays and memorable events associated with Native Faith ancestors, without any resistance on the part of the authorities in this or that region of the Russian Federation, without encountering impediments and restrictions on the part of administrators and employees of the Internal Affairs.

3.Dat people the opportunity to get acquainted with the written sources of the traditions of our ancestors, allowing you to have in every town and village, its centers Native Faith, where people could come together and talk on the subject Slavic heritage. Creating stores and for the dissemination of Slavic literature on rodnovercheskoy Ancestral Heritage.

4. Enable people to organize local clubs and organizations Slavic orientation, without persecution of these organizations by the authorities.

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