Picket VIPav gave twice as many signatures Romanchuk

Twice as many signatures than usual, picketers gathered today for a presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk near Minsk GUM. An activist of the initiative group challenger Oleg Korban explains participation in the action of famous people: Stanislav Bogdankevich, Zinaida Bondarenko, Michael Chyhir, Basil Shlyndikova and others.

Support came Yaroslav Romanchuk former chairman of the National Bank Stanislav Bogdanovich.

The organizers of today's action — activists of the United Civil Party, deputy chairman of which is Yaroslav Romanchuk. For fans of the candidate they have a surprise: for every ten visitors were handed a brochure, quote pad "against the AL AL" with autograph Anatoly Lebedko, for every twenty — movie disk and autograph Yuri Khashchavatski, for every thirty — book autographed by the author Yaroslav Romanchuk.

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Tenth on the list was a man of middle age. Turned to him chairman of the UCP Anatoly Lebedko:

"Here you get a quote pad" People's TV "and the book" Space. " And then, and more will be interesting and relevant. Quotations — it's more for humor, for a good mood. A "Square" — is more serious. I'll sign it if you do not mind. "

The man agrees and is willing to "Igor." And his decision to support it Yaroslav Romanchuk explains:

"Because I want to come to power normal people. Changes you want. "

A retired man turns to the presidential candidate with the question whether he has his own team? Romanchuk says:

"I have a team in the country, which has experience in governance, business management. And there are consultants advisors who are the best reformers the world. I am in constant contact with them. They can be invited here, and reforms in Belarus will be the best in Europe. "

The crowd outside the picket increases. Some of the bystanders recognize the People's Artist of Belarus Zinaida Bondarenko and wondered: Why is she here? Ms. Bondarenko explains:

"Why am I here? Because, like all Belarusians want to change. I want to change the government. And I hope that she will change. Although there somewhere, as intuitively as long as things remain the same. Still, time is approaching when we will be free. That's it. "

By joining picket and former head of the Belarusian government Chigir:

"Alexander G. tired. Works long, hard, hard. It is necessary to relax him. And that would be correct. This stems from his recent statements.

Longevity — it's good. But not in this post. I must rest Alexander Grigoryevich. To live quietly, to see how others manage. "

Anatoly Lebedko and Michael CHigir.

Anatoly Lebedko, summing up the results of today's action, says — it should be carried out in the regions:

"Even in Minsk people are showing interest. And in a small town where there will come Vasily Shlyndikov, Stanislav Bogdanovich, Alexander Sosna, Zinaida Bondarenko, Yuri Khaschevatsky, that local residents will be extremely interesting. So we will practice it in other regions. "


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