Pivdenmash made its first contract to Boeing

SE "PA" Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant. AM Makarov "completed the contract to order Boeing Company. This was reported in the marketing department of the company.

In the framework of the two contacts are made and delivered to the customer for parts titanium specimens Research Center Boeing.

As hope for the enterprise, the implementation of this order will be the first stage of cooperation between the factory with Boeing Company.

According to the company, as of today, "Pivdenmash" is a participant Ukrainian aircraft building programs, as well as supplier of landing gear for the aircraft AN-140, AN-148 and AN-158 by order of civil aviation enterprises of the Russian Federation.

In 2011 the company produced and sent to customers 5 sets of landing gear for the AN-148 and 2 sets of landing gear for the AN-140.

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