Plasmoid-souls of the dead?

About plasmoids written and said mnogie.Predlagayu another version, and give links to your photos, where, presumably, fixed plasmoids.

Crust cuts the dense network of ancient "scars" — faults. On them continuously move rocks that prevent their "healing." One such fault passing through Zelenograd, has long attracted the attention of geophysicists. A ufologists consider this place one of the largest Russian anomalous zones, over which hover fireballs swarming UFO.

— Moscow regional faults generally lead an active lifestyle and a rather unstable — the main researcher of the Institute of Physics of the Earth, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Sciences Valery Rudakov. — Their width during the day several times changing. The base of the capital — the so-called Moscow aulacogen — geological structure, dropped fault line at a depth of about half to two miles. It is as filled with sediment huge failure, stretching through the center of the white stone and most of the suburbs. Sedimentary rocks as if floating in the water, like icebergs in the Arctic Ocean.

But the behavior of the Zelenograd fault, according to scientists, will not go into any gate. At certain times of day — usually in the evening — of fault allocated so called cold plasma, which gradually fills large underground area, and about a half hour slowly recede. What it is — is not clear.
While scientists have puzzled over this question, ufology have already found it. Head of the club «UFO-Zelenograd" Yegor Usachev, who gave many years of study of anomalous faults near Moscow, said: plasma — a special form of life may be more ancient than humanity itself. Similar conclusions are made known ufologist Henry Silanov many years observed life Hoper fault. According to him, everything is literally teeming with mysterious energy nature of thinking beings. What is this creature?

Thus Spake Zarathustra

For the first time the idea of this kind were made in the religious and mythological form Zarathustra, later told that the Old Testament prophet Isaiah. Finally, John the Evangelist, in his "revelation" drew a majestic picture of the fiery transformation of the Earth and the birth of the heavenly Jerusalem, in which life on earth will exist in the bosom of the hyperfine and environment sverhenergetichnoy Cosmic Mind.
It would seem, at what is myth? But these ideas were developed, for example, the great Russian scientist and philosopher KE
Tsiolkovsky, who wrote about the future "essential" forms of life, its space expansion. "Probably, discharged energy life is more ancient than the protein — he wrote. — Matter does not immediately appear that density, as now.

Stage were much more rarefied matter. It could create beings we now inaccessible, invisible. " And later the founder of space reasons: the indefinite future the world will have a new form of existence, becoming a part of the universal energy of life in the universe. Now imagine this, of course, difficult. However, the drawings for future space launch in years Tsiolkovsky was called, to say the least, an eccentric and a dreamer. A half century has passed kakih-nibud — and his dreams become an everyday reality.

Children of the Sun

— Plasmoid — this plasma system, structured by its own magnetic field — says Valery Rudakov. — Plasma — a hot ionized gas. Example of plasma — an ordinary fire. Magneto-plasma structures, really, is widespread, such as the Sun. The most important processes on the solar surface (torches, spots, flares) have magnetic plasma nature. That is the nature — and all kinds of structures in the solar corona — the hot (millions of degrees) "aura" surrounding the relatively cold (of 60000) solar surface. When outbreaks occur on the Sun, from him in all directions at speeds of several hundred kilometers per second scatter plasma flows and magnetic plasma formations — plasmoids. Reaching the Earth, they cause changes in its ionosphere, magnetic storms, which significantly affects the biological, geological, historical, and even mental processes. The latter is still in the early XX century, wrote the great Russian scientist and founder heliobiology Alexander Chizhevsky.

In the middle of the last century, scientists have made a discovery that magnetic plasma structures, or plasmoids, "live", not only on the Sun. They are common on Earth. Main place of their habitat — the ionosphere — a hot rarefied plasma layer at a height of about 50 km. above the Earth. But, apparently, they are present and under our feet — deep underground. In certain cases, they can force their way out and brought before us in all, so to say, beauty. Many researchers (F.Georgitsa, Dzh.Konstebl and L.Bokkone) revealed the presence of the Earth's surface near the invisible nature of plasma. They named their critter, or "creation." Critter recorded modern sensitive scientific equipment.

One of the most respected scholars of the plasma, an Italian professor of geophysics at the Bocconi Leo, who found one of the most active of the anomalous zones along the Genoa fault, comes to the conclusion that there is next to us a sophisticated air of the world where there are all forms — from the "single-cell" architectonic to "quasi -men. " Next to us "live" plasmoids not only simple geometric shapes, but also … humanoids from the plasma. If you believe the researchers, they can change their density, the degree of visibility in the different regions of the spectrum, and therefore, perhaps, look. Because of the mystical ability emerge from under the ground, in ancient times, these entities were known as "demons", "spirits", "ghosts", "shiny", "deva". Chance that their appearance has always been associated with some adverse events?
According L.Bokkone, randomness is not here: education in the form of drops, the dolphins, "Griffin" move at speeds of up to 1,500 kilometers per hour at different altitudes, and usually hang on large fires, large industrial complexes, follow the airliner . They seemed to gravitate to areas with radioactive or magnetic anomalies. What if they do not just want there, but also provoke all these phenomena have baffled scientists?

Underground wanderers

— Terrestrial sources of plasmoids are not only the Sun and the interstellar medium, but the energy of the Earth, often escape to the surface through geological faults — believes renowned researcher of anomalous phenomena Ilya Ivanov. — They can have a high degree of organization, show signs of life and reason.

In his view, highly organized and terrestrial solar plasmoids could play a key role in the origin of life and mind of the young Earth. In the early stages of evolution, they could become a kind of active "crystallization centers" for a more dense and cold molecular structures of the early Earth, guide the evolutionary process toward more complex molecules and the formation of complex molecular systems, and then the simplest organisms. So life could come in the form in which we see it now.
Though it is a hypothesis, but rather convincing, says the researcher. It is hard to imagine, as a result of random, chaotic processes on the blue planet formed such a complex and highly protein life. And all at once plazmoidnoy hypothesis falls into place: these processes are highly organized plazmoidnymi designers sent evolution.

But if this is so, why are they so and climb closer to natural disasters, accidents and crowds? I do not deliberately try to hurt us there?

He flew away, but promised to return

Plasmoids are not malicious, but just curious creatures, says the head of the Far Eastern Branch of the Social Science Association "Kosmopoisk"

(G Dalnegorsk) Valery Brier. He describes his first encounter with the miraculous phenomenon: "The ball hung in front of the supermarket still seven seconds. Its diameter is one meter, with a clear outline of the ball, translucent: through it could see part of the road and curb. On the surface of the interference pattern, which resembles a bubble. At the bottom of a large black spot. "

Interestingly, except Valeria plasmoid observed through a video camera store security guard. It was he who first and went out on the street — to see what was going on. But saw nothing. "Monkey" was only noticeable in the camcorder. On the record remains clearly visible: guardian of order puzzled looks around and near it, two meters, as if mocking, invisible to the naked eye is minimized plasma ball.

The guard called his boss, and he is well aware of Valery and his interests, informed him about the antics of the intruder. Valery rushed a few minutes. And plasmoid was not long in coming. "He came back a few minutes later — he continues. — In the beginning there was the upper part of the ball, and it occurred strange processes: the surface as it spun down. The surface was patchy, bright visible light and dark structures. Materialized only half of the ball, then ran back the guard, and the ball, as if frightened, disappeared again. "

Then Valery could not just to witness the emergence of strange glowing balls. Several times he has photographed them on tape. "In many snapshots is easily visible to a reasonable behavior — the curiosity to man and manage the technology, the fear of being taken by surprise — says Brier. — We shot them in apartments, offices. A large number of plasmoids can be seen at festivals in Dalnegorsk: so, on the day of February 17, 2007 in the frame as many as 562! "

One of the pictures in the cave Garden allowed us to determine the trajectory and speed of the mysterious balls. "This picture shows two schoolgirls — says Valery. — To the right of them is visible long luminous plasmoid zigzag trail departing from the corner of the cave. Knowing the length of the girls hands and shutter speed the camera is easy to calculate the speed of the ball. It is equal to at least 16 meters per second. The human eye can not see an object that flashed in front of him with such speed. In fact, this instant motion. "

Soul, flames

What is it? Some researchers have come to an unexpected conclusion: most of the plasma balls — is … the soul of the deceased. No wonder they are often found in cemeteries, they "pass" through the concrete walls and other obstacles. In fact, for them there is no physical barrier. Bright traces they leave behind them, resemble the vision of people who had been in a state of clinical death. What if we go after death is in this state — the 'fourth state of matter, "as the school styled plasma physics?
— It is clear that some of Zelenograd and Hoper faults near Dalnegorsk in Russia, along the Gulf of Genoa in Italy and in many other places are the same phenomenon — according to our interlocutors. — We are faced with an unknown form of life on Earth. It forms matter in extremely discharged. Being composed of a material that can change its density and shape, to move from the invisible into the visible area of the spectrum and move with incredible speed. And, quite possibly, such forms of life — a huge set.

It can not be

— Similar conclusions — pure fiction — believes Valery Rudakov. — There is no reason to consider underground plasma intelligent life, and the more the soul of the deceased. If people are able to approach the interpretation of this phenomenon, the next step is an attempt to "tame" the energy of the plasma and ball lightning. Now a number of countries including Russia are conducted groundbreaking experiments to create ball lightning in the lab, and the cold plasma is obtained and is even used for medical sterilization and production of antibiotics. The ability to use this type of energy in the future will give to humanity, are on the verge of a global energy crisis, a truly inexhaustible possibilities. And Zelenograd, a city of science, can play a significant role.

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