Please note, the Chinese?

I have a degree in linguistics (Chinese), and has been for many years, my work for the most part is inextricably linked with China. I'll try to summarize some his long observation of the Chinese and bring us their ideas about the eyes. In addition, I am expressing the outlook regarding China — the world of the young generation in the Far East, whose representative I am.

Please note, the Chinese?

Who is curious

Our press and television many times covered the issues of the so-called "yellow peril." Especially when, as in Khabarovsk in October 2004 as a bolt from the blue in the middle of the news fell on the transfer of Russian islands — Tarabarova and parts of the Great Ussuri — China.

Earlier time territorial issues covered many of our neighbor in the local newspapers, but judging by the reaction of the people, I came to the conclusion that we all just not interested, especially young people. We have a lot of their own internal problems, so think of any territorial claims of China. Meanwhile, all of this really exists in the heart of every Chinese citizen. He lives and progresses.

I will not hide the fact that, according to my own observations, the fact of transfer of the islands only intensified anti-Chinese sentiment in the middle of the inhabitants of Khabarovsk. Personally, I strongly doubt that a similar step-Russian administration will put all the points of the «i» in the territorial issue, and China will become, for example, publish their cards at least in accordance with the provisions of this contract.

Again, what I'm doing their findings only on facts, based on personal observations.

An endless range of

To say that the transfer of the islands reflected the weakness of our country, is to say nothing. If you perceive, that, in fact, the so-called "territorial issue" simply does not exist. He is, shall we say, contrived by the Chinese side, and then presented to the Khabarovsk region.

It seems to me that some own "eternal complex" Chinese (including in the face of the country) from time to time try to make a show of strength and power, which are reflected in the territorial conquests. For example, entering at this time of the Chinese in Tibet, Xinjiang. Hence, too, and the peninsula is called Taiwan Province and some incomprehensible declared policy of the "one government — the two systems." In fact Taiwan and China have even less in common than our native land, and Ukraine. And the notion of the Republic of China (Taiwan official name of the country) deliberately "turn off" the PRC.

Judging by the more natural "territorial appetites," China remains only return the "so-called" Russian Far East (this title to its territory the Chinese do not recognize), which is a heart of every Chinese citizen is perceived as Russia illegally seized the Chinese land. In particular, it is obviously felt in dealing with the people of Northern China.

Occupied by Russia?

It is necessary to send attention: This is not just some sort of forgotten by historical theory. That's right formed in the mind of the Chinese … And, of course, is taught in history lessons in schools and institutions. In this case the simple fact is beyond doubt.

Referring to one of the biggest Chinese encyclopedic dictionary "Tsyhay": "May 28, 1858. With the help of the military forces of our home makes the Qing government to sign the unequal contract. The contract is signed in Aigunov (now Heihe). The Qing government represents Heilongjiang General Yi Shan, the Russian side supports the Siberian governor general Ants. The main content of the contract: Our homeland trims north of Heilongjiang, south of Hingana, the taking away 600 thousand square meters. km of the Chinese land. China is still only a small area in front of Aygun … Also trims part of China's land east of the Ussuri area of 400 square meters. km, passing it to the common use of the Russian-Chinese. "

From this it appears that, say, the day the base of Khabarovsk, May 31, 1858, practically the commencement date of the Russian capture of the Chinese land.

Based on my many years of observations, the Chinese "life" consider it their entire Far East, Siberia and Sakhalin. A look into ordinary Chinese satin, you can find out that most of the Far Eastern cities absolutely "not Russian." Their "native" name neatly signed on the map by a small font PRESENT: Khabarovsk — this pain, Vladivostok — Hayshenvey, Ussuriisk — Shuanchentszy, Blagoveshchensk — Haylanbao, Nikolaevsk-on-Amur — Myaotsze, Sakhalin — Koo E Peninsula Damanskii — Chzhenbaodao, Lake Hanka — Shinkai, etc. The concept of "Amur River" Chinese (which I reported this title) are not taken seriously, because in the world there is only the Heilongjiang River, and all the other names just invented.

In addition, all Chinese maps such as "controversial" The Kuril Islands are painted in true Japanese color, state border land of the rising sun made at the northernmost island, and next to the names of each island in parentheses says, "occupied by Russia."

Where is Heysyadao?

By the way, Pain (Khabarovsk) in the past, the conviction of the 1st Chinese interpreter, whom I happened to talk to, it's some Chinese village. On Chinese maps always true noted that it is on the border of 2-countries, at the confluence of the Ussuri and Amur (Heilongjiang), and our island a long time ago, "plotted" in the Chinese province of the same name.

"Age-old Chinese" islands near Khabarovsk called Heysyadao (literally translated from the northern dialects — Peninsula Bear). And most of the Chinese people, mostly arriving in the capital of the Far East as tourists coming to the saving value of Cupid, with a mocking curiosity will certainly ask questions, "Where Heysyadao?" Or "On the contrary — China, right?".

And what the residents of the country of the rising sun worse?

I believe that the transfer of land to China in 2004 is unlikely to dampen the rapidly growing "territorial fervor" of China in the north, probably even strengthened it. Like, as a way to "give only part of the Heysyadao? '.

And I think that a similar step all people of China (particularly the north) took as its a victory. And it turns out that it was one of the faculties of "stepping" on Russia, as a consequence, to "lift" the civilization, the Chinese show strength, power, determination and perseverance, which eventually bore fruit.

Also add: and worse than Japan? She is looking at China, too, for sure, is not averse to raise an old question? In short, it seems to me, will not work and a couple of years as the Kuril Islands in the same way depart the Land of the Rising Sun.

The Russians — laomaotszy

So, for example, the story of our Far East as a whole is perceived by the Chinese, who are committed to these actions, at least as "their tale", or period, which temporarily dropped out of the history of geography of China.

Another very curious thing: all the Chinese people, without exception, who briefly come to Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and other Far East of the town, has never transferred to the Russian watch the time! Taking into account that our difference with the Chinese in the summer time is + 3:00 (winter plus 2), the Chinese are very surprised, why, they say, we are her
e to work day starts early — 6 am Beijing time — and so early in the locked stores — in 4 — 5:00 pm. All meetings and events are also prescribed only on Beijing time. A citizen of the once very politely asked me: "Your time is flowing to that difference neuzh, then you have no inner feelings of inadequacy normal time?"

A historical symbols of our town — Erofei Khabarovsk and Amur-graph Ants — melts in the eyes of our neighbors monuments to none other occupants as Chinese territory.

Erofei Khabarovsk, in the views of many people, China is the Chinese invader and murderer, and Earl Muravevu will never apologize for the fact that he signed a contract Aigun. And it is unclear what they are (ie, we) have put their monuments? And the "aggressor" with the help of binoculars, which he holds in his left hand, continues to look at China, and the sword in his right hand seems to our neighbors as a "tool" of the forthcoming Chinese occupation of land. To say about it on the forecourt or near the cliff, by the way, can completely least some Chinese, sometimes even very intelligent and probably has no one higher education. Suppose that in a more courteous form, but to say.

And it is quite out of the ordinary: some Chinese believe quite common, for example, the tour guide pointedly refused to be photographed against these monuments, verbally insult, kick or even (my colleagues were that it happens) spit in the monument.

How annoying would it sounds, this happened and happens. And all this is done, apparently, in order to show who is there to the age-old owner, who is a belated guest. Unfortunately, it does not honor the Chinese civilization.

By the way, in the Chinese language is even a disrespectful generalized Russian title — "laomaotszy."

I — "guest"?

Hunt to ask the young on-line users: and if they know in general what Chinese mind? Over many years of association with the residents of the Middle Kingdom I say, formed a sense of "the guest is temporarily located on the rent collected in the area."

Unfortunately, there is no turning back, and I hated this feeling probably will not leave me until the end of life. But one thing I know for sure. Someday, all the same it's time yet another weakening of relations with China, as it was during the second half of the last century (that, incidentally, was also preceded by our "great and indestructible friendship"), China uses this long-awaited moment as an opportunity to return "native" areas. And the Chinese people will have to make the orders of his own party and go to where it will call home. They somehow just patriots. Yes, we just cast aside their hats. And the West with its own "fair policy" will not help us …

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