Polar bear killed a man in Chukotka, the three bears shot in response

Polar bear killed a man in Chukotka, the three bears shot in response

MOSCOW, Aug. 20 — RIA Novosti.Polar bear killed a man Friday in the village of Cape Schmidt in Chukotka, and then destroyed three are gathered together in the village bear, told RIA Novosti on Saturday Andrew Chatterbox, Deputy Chairwoman of the Council on marine mammals.

"Three young white bear appeared in the village a few days ago, a former pigsty. Around 23.00 on Friday Stanislav Ettuvge (born in 1979) was directed to work in the boiler room and walked straight through the coal depot, where he was attacked by three white bear" , — the eggs.

On Saturday, law enforcement officials shot and killed three bears: the bear that killed a man and a bear cub with eighteen months, which was directed to the settlement, said the official.

However, the two bears that lived in the barn with the culprit, fled from the village.

"Polar bears do not have to be in the villages and in contact with people. Currently, there are effective means for scaring polar bears, and, of course, places like Cape Schmidt and other towns along the Arctic coast of Chukotka shall be provided with such means. When Polar bears are in the village — it is an emergency, "- says a chatterbox.

Unfortunately, a few days not taken the necessary measures to expel dangerous animals from the village, he added.

Photo: © Viktor Nikiforov / WWF

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