Pope ceased to rely on God. The Catholic Church is afraid of losing their money

EU authorities' failure to stop the impending financial collapse forced the Vatican to engage actively in the process of making the necessary decisions. The thing is that the Holy See has always had great weight in the world of capital.

And there is no conspiracy. So-called "Vatican group" — it is the oldest financial and political pool, based on the "empire of the Catholic world."

They say that so far it is not known how much of this ancient group has at its disposal and how much money the bank performs its instructions. All in all the world there are three major financial groups — has called "the Vatican", "The Rockefeller Group" and "Group Rothschild."

Interestingly, already clearly conspiracy theory, the leaders of all countries are required to swear allegiance to one of them. And according to, walking among the Russian elite, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as president, allegedly came under the influence is "the Vatican group." It is believed that she is given the oath of office at a special audience to visit the capital of Catholic Spain — Madrid.

For the same conspiracy theory, the oath of allegiance Rothschilds uttered at Jerusalem's famous Western Wall (need to read a special prayer). Who among Russian leaders do this procedure is still unknown. However, all is well to remember that not so long ago, it is this branch of the "money brokers" provoked lowering the credit rating of the U.S. and the outflow of American capital into China.

The third group is based in the U.S. — it represents the Rockefeller family. All the same conspiracy, in Russia there is "looking" from this famous dynasty. They say that he is on the board of directors of the bank JPMorgan Chase (one of the oldest and most influential financial companies on the planet — Assets 2.3 trillion. Dollars). And is also the leader of the largest corporation in Russia.

According to analysts, the Holy See to raise the alarm was under pressure from the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. In case of further collapse of the world financial system and the collapse of the euro, they will suffer huge losses, and possibly lose power. Therefore, the Vatican offered a way out of the crisis — all finances of the world should manage a single central bank.

The Roman Catholic Church claims that the global financial system needs a quick update. To convince the population of the planet, the Pontifical Council Justice and Peace issued a statement which said: "In the near future, we need an organization that will serve as the World Central Bank. It will adjust the financial and monetary system. "

Experts note that the Holy See went for it, not just succumbing to the pressure of their financial "friendly rivals". There is another important reason. Apparently, after a Polish Pope John Paul II, which is mainly interested in politics and the financial affairs of the Vatican led to nothing, a new German-zealous Pope Benedict XVI has decided to restore order. And here, as you know — in God helps those who help themselves. That's the idea of the new financial center — the World Central Bank, emitting its global currency.



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